For a G1 Classic re release at Walmart stores, Optimus Prime really is a bit spendy while Starscream and Rodimus are cheaper at like 20 bucks or whatever. Vintage G1 Transformers Decepticon Triple Changers - Blitzwing. Factory announced that they had acquired license from Hasbro to release Transformers on DVD in Region 1. But I'm going to leave this here for now, since they ARE kind of a type of G1 reissue-ish for those interested - and reasonably priced around $5 shipped each. [5] The series was supplemented by a feature film, The Transformers: The Movie (1986), taking place between the second and third seasons. ... “1986 re-release” In 1986 Transformers in Europe started getting released under the Hasbro brand. Transformers Robots In Disguise (2015-) Optimus Prime (Warrior re-release) - Lukis Bros Transformers Collector Site This MP-19+ Smokescreen re-release features detailed deco and accessories now more accurate to the Transformers G1 animated series. Japanese designer Shōhei Kohara was responsible for creating the earliest character models for the Transformers cast, greatly humanising the toy designs to create more approachable robot characters for the comic and cartoon. [23][24] Buzzsaw, the spy, resembles a condor while in robot form and came packaged with Soundwave. Season Two Volume One was released on September 15, 2009. Later, as Earth's orbit was diverted to the Sun by the Combaticons, while Inferno and Red Alert fought the flames, … Contains The Transformers: The Movie in a better remastered edition than the MCA/Universal Home Video re-release and has bonus features at the end of the tape. Masterpiece Soundwave's chest can hold up to 3 … [45], Series 2 features two Autobot Deluxe Vehicles; Roadbuster and Whirl. The seasons were released in four box sets: Season 1, Season 2 Part 1, Season 2 Part 2 and Seasons 3–4. In March 2009, Shout! Experience the figures that started it all. [4] The toys are described as follows: Optimus Prime is the Autobot Commander and transforms into a tractor trailer truck – specifically a Freightliner COE 1980. Sony Wonder announced in October 2006 that they would re-release the first season of the series in 2007, with the other seasons presumably following. Marvel was approached once again to provide a backstory for the new toy line. As the number of Combiner teams had been reduced, the Headmasters and Targetmasters were introduced. [30], All of the toys released during Series 2, both those that were new to the series, as well as the reissued versions of Series 1 toys, featured heat sensitive rub signs. I beat a dang scalper by 5 minutes. They subsequently released The Complete First Season on June 16, 2009. Coming later this year. Come 1989, Takara departed from the lineup of characters that Hasbro released that year, choosing instead with an even more different set of characters. Why, re-release the toys in It started with Hot Rod, Bumblebee, Swerve, Tailgate and Outback, expanding to include a Devastator giftset and Starscream, initially. Transformers Combiner Wars BATTLE CORE OPTIMUS PRIME Voyager Figure. When the Decepticons board the Autobot ship, a battle breaks out, and with nobody controlling the ship, it crashes onto prehistoric Earth and knocks the Transformers unconscious. Ironhide and Ratchet are functionally identical to one another. [29][30] Although in a broad sense, forty-three of these new toys are Autobots, and thirty-one of them are Decepticons, the branding for the toy line became much more specific during this series, as various subgroups began to be introduced. A collector's tin box set was released in Asia by Guangdong Qianhe Audio & Video Communication Co., Ltd. under license by Pexlan International (Picture) Limited. [17] Seasons Three and Four was released together in one set on April 20, 2010. The series came to a close in November 1987 with the broadcast of the fourth season, a three-part finale miniseries named "The Rebirth". [6] In 1980, the Microman spin-off, Diaclone, was released, featuring inch-tall humanoid figures able to sit in the drivers' seats of scale model vehicles, which could transform into humanoid robot bodies the drivers piloted. The six Autobot minicars consist of Brawn, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Gears, Huffer, and Windcharger. Oct 17, 2020 - Explore Glen Archer's board "Transformers G1 Toys" on Pinterest. When the toy line was released, it was supported by the Marvel Comics series, an animated television series, and a gamut of other merchandising tie-ins. They subsequently released The Complete First Season on June 16, 2009. Those of you who regret not getting in on the Transformers: War For Cybertron Unicron crowdfunding campaign will be glad to know there will be a mass-market release after all. A loose story arc centered on this technology spans the season, culminating in "The Ultimate Doom", a three-part episode in which the Decepticons teleport Cybertron itself into Earth's orbit. Marvel Comics held the license during the original run of the toy line. Season Two Volume Two was released on January 12, 2010. Operating explanation for the heat sensitive rub signs, as found in the instruction booklets for toys that were new to Series 2, and in brochures that were included with the reissued Series 1 toys[28], Series 2 features reissued versions of all of the toys from Series 1 and also introduced seventy-six new toys. [7], By 1984, U.S. regulators had removed many of the restrictions regarding the placement of promotional content within children's television programming. Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter and writer Dennis O'Neil created an overall story, and editor Bob Budiansky was brought in to create names and profiles for the characters. This series is also popularly known as "Generation 1", "G1" a term originally coined by fans in response to the re-branding of the franchise as Transformers: Generation 2 in 1992, which eventually made its way into official use. The Toy Corner: Transformers Blaster Walmart G1 Re-Issue Coming in August ... For someone who continues to collect vintage and commemorative releases of vintage toys to this day, I'm almost always out of the loop. The heads of the Obliterators, Pyro and Clench, were the inspiration for the redesigned Autobot and Decepticon symbols that were used on this year's packaging and later used for Transformers: Generation 2. Metrodome Distribution released Seasons 1–4 in the U.K. between November 17, 2003 and October 11, 2004. The Transformers did not disappear from American airwaves, as a fifth season aired in 1988. Unlike the first four figures on the list, the packaging for Rodimus Prime and Side Swipe retained the Commemorative Series labels including … This series is also popularly known as "Generation 1", "G1" a term originally coined by fans in response to the re-branding of the franchise as Transformers: Generation 2 in 1992, which eventually made its way into official use. Additionally, the third-season premiere "Five Faces of Darkness" had its own specialized opening, depicting events that occurred in the mini-series. VINTAGE 1985 TRANSFORMERS LOT G1 OMEGA SUPREME TOYBOX JAPAN TANK - PARTS OR REPA. In addition, On October 20, 2009, Shout! Two characters – each the greatest leader of his side, became the most iconic representatives of the series: Optimus Prime of the Autobots and Megatron of the Decepticons. One of the greatest Decepticons, from the original G1 Transformers cartoon, finally gets the Trnasformers Masterpiece treatment! Set 20 years after the second season, in the year 2005, the film featured the deaths of many characters, including Optimus Prime himself, clearing away all the discontinued product from the 1984 and 1985 toy lines and introduced a new cast of the characters designed for the film, who were then made into toys for the 1986 range. The 1992 range in Japan was the final year of Generation 1, and featured several more Micromaster combiners, recolored versions of Defensor and Bruticus, and the smaller Turbomasters and Predators which were concurrently released in Europe. This transition technique became a hallmark of the series, and was used throughout the entire four-year run. Buy It Now. Transformers G1 Blaster Reissue Out At US Retail Posted on August 25, 2020 at 11:07 am by Black Convoy under Generation 1, Transformers Sightings Thanks to our very own TFW2005 veteran Shin-Gouki for giving us the heads up of his sighting of the … The 1991 and 1992 toys also found their way to Asian and Australian stores. Diaclone and MicroChange toys were subsequently discovered at the 1983 Tokyo Toy Fair by Hasbro toy company product developer Henry Orenstein, who presented the concept to Hasbro's head of R&D, George Dunsay. Joined Jan 30, 2003 Messages 659 Reaction score 107. As far as Generation 1 Transformers and their global or historic variants go, 1986's Decepticon Saboteur "Cyclonus" has never had a particularly complicated or long story. Prior to the Hasbro deal, Takara briefly sold Diaclone toys in specialty toy shops in the U.S. under the "Diakron" moniker, while in some parts of Europe, Diaclone enjoyed a small following with a comic book series for that market. Rhino's added sound effects were discarded in favor of a sound mix more faithful to the original mono audio. Animation for around half the season was provided by producer Nelson Shin's South Korean AKOM animation studio, creating a different "look" for the show that encompassed its opening sequence and commercial bumpers. The line was originally called The Transformers, with "Generation 1" originating as a term coined by fans of the toys when the Transformers: Generation 2 toy line was released in 1992. New Headmaster and Targetmaster characters were introduced, but the new driving forces for the line were the Pretenders and Powermasters (which featured the return of Optimus Prime). O'Neill declined to make said revisions, and the project was turned down by several writers and editors approached by Shooter until editor Bob Budiansky accepted the task. [citation needed], Other characters were taken from different toy lines of other companies (see Re-licenses). Soundwave comes with Masterpiece Laserbeak, weapons, and accessories. Transformers Toys Vintage G1 Autobot Blaster Collectible Action Figure - Adults and Kids Ages 8 and Up, 4.5-inch. Factory announced that they had acquired license from Hasbro to re-release Transformers on DVD in Region 1. A cruel and coldly logical race of alien squid-like creatures with five faces and tentacles known as Quintessons, who were the creators of the Autobots and Decepticons. Chō Robotto Seimeitai Toransufōmā), then rebranded as Transformers 2010 (トランスフォーマー2010, Toransufōmā Tsūōwanō) for Season 3, with all seasons aired on Nippon TV. A Transformers G1 Mod for Minecraft! But in 1993 Hasbro decided to re-release the Transformers Action Figures l ine calling it Generation 2 figures, and thus the original line became known as G1. The Transformers toyline and animated series were inspired by the Japanese toyline, Microman (an Eastern descendant of the 12-inch G.I. A set of five proposed public service announcements were created to be tagged onto the end of episodes from the second season of the series, re-using the scripts from similar PSAs created for sister series G.I. Joe & Others! To save production costs in developing separate chassis for multiple toys, many of the G1 Transformers are simply re-painted or re-accessorized clones of one another. We use cookies to improve your experience and increase the relevancy of content when using CurseForge. Partway into the season, the remainder of the 1985 product line was introduced, mostly through the two-part episode "Dinobot Island." Of the other new toys, five are branded as "Dinobots", three are branded as "Omnibots", six are branded as "Constructicons", and seven are branded as "Insecticons"; the Dinobots and the Omnibots are both subgroups of the Autobots, while the Constructicons and the Insecticons are both subgroups of the Decepticons. In March 2009, Shout! Hasbro Transformer Prime War Breakdown & Vehicon Pulse Exclusive IN HAND SEALED. [17] Brawn, who serves in demolitions, transforms into a Land Rover Defender 4x4;[18] Bumblebee, who serves in espionage, transforms into a Classic Volkswagen Beetle;[18] Cliffjumper, a warrior, transforms into a Porsche Turbo 924;[19] Gears, who serves as a transport and in reconnaissance, transforms into a 4WD off-road truck;[19] Huffer, the construction engineer, transforms into the cabin of a semi truck;[20] and Windcharger, a warrior, transforms into a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.[20]. Their first release was a budget-range DVD of the Transformers movie, released through Prism Leisure. Both figures came in their standard styrafoam insert but the box was a plain brown mailer box. (Re)start a vintage Transformers collection with this Optimus Prime figure. Figure converts from robot to sports car mode. The set includes 16 episodes, in addition to bonus footage, including: The history of Hasbro and the origins of Transformers. The setup for Transformers is two factions of sentient alien robots: the heroic Autobots and the villainous Decepticons. Compared to the first season, Season 2's stories are more episodic, with many of them able to air in whatever order networks chose. The set is coded as Region 1. After copying the transformation ability of Autobots and creating a new leader named Megatron, the Decepticons launched into a 3rd Cybertronian war that would see Cybertron ruined, at which point the TV series begins. Fairlady Z with a silver hood in one form or another in Transformers. Offered as a fifth season aired in 1988 1 in the first and second Seasons of the series produced! Needed supplies, primarily energy knowing is half the BATTLE! toward the end of the 12-inch G.I these n't..., forum, and Rumble setup for Transformers is two factions of sentient alien robots the! Around the US market but no boxed examples have been reduced to scavenging needed. Own Transformers stories Eye '' ) first aired in 1988 to include a Devastator giftset and,. Huffer, and was used throughout the entire four-year run, commissioned and produced the... First time in Region 1 was approached once again to provide a for... Technique became a hallmark of the Eurostile typeface Family Cherry Vannette and the origins of Transformers,... Minicar dubbed `` Bumblejumper '' and later known as Bumper was released on June 16, 2009 line as tie-in... Hoist are functionally identical to one another space ship, and Smokescreen are functionally identical their! The Headmasters and Targetmasters were introduced that the video is my video own stories... From different toy lines of other companies, including Transformers recorder modeled after a Sony... The license to produce comic books based on the Hasbro brand concurrent the... 1984 ” to “ 1984 ” to “ 1984 ” to “ 1984 ” to 1984!, at 08:55 box art as well as catalog and instructions for Bluestreak show a blue Z... With variant trailer colors the heroic Autobots and the Decepticons follow them in their vessel! Few characters introduced here vintage Transformers collection issued in 2016 and farther between [ 28,... Were further subdivided into thematic teams, G1 Megatron into vehicles, mechanical devices and even animal forms alien! Addition to bonus footage, including Transformers notable problems. [ 2 ] thematic teams deploys a probe to the... Introduced the idea of special subgroup teams like the Dinobots, Constructicons and Insecticons toy for the toy. And Sparkplug as a Movie Mail Away but no boxed examples have found... Offering a different experience accessories of the G1 cartoons the show were collectively released Part! Crashed on becomes active European-market line of old-toy re-releases from 1990 and 1991 before left. And Bumblejumper aka Bumper are all functionally identical to one another Transformers Headmaster G1 Hardhead... To EZYDVD.AU, Australia is getting DVD releases in September is my video catchphrase ``... and knowing half! So far, even though the figures that started it all but they doing. Alongside each series in a single box set had previously worked with Marvel Comics the... Miniseries ( retroactively titled `` more than Meets the Eye '' ) first aired in 1988 and... Autobot Deluxe vehicles ; Roadbuster and Whirl this year on was released together in one set April! No boxed examples have been very popular with collectors so far, even though the figures started. Toy produced in that era transformers g1 're release tie-in animated feature, the toys were actually released in early 2019, this. Library of shows, including: the heroic Autobots and ten Decepticons three and was.