«Tú no eres una Jedi, niña. The final, rage filled scream of victory. CC BY 2.0 And this fight really is the pinnacle of a series of fantastic fights. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Easily in the top five best Star Wars fights of all time, and a prime example of how Gendry Tartakovsky can tell a narrative with action. This is art. This fight has almost no words. Easily the most visually stunning fight in Star Wars, everything from the fight in the forest that looks like it came straight out of Naruto, to the rain evaporating on their lightsabers, to Anakin’s dark side enhanced victory, makes this duel a true masterpiece. This is a place for fans of Star Wars Legends (otherwise known as the Expanded Universe) to come together and discuss the rich lore and history they love, without mentioning the Story Group Canon apart from in certain cases (see rule 1). Anakin escapó, y Ventress quedó herida pero viva y regresó con su maestro a curarse sus heridas. Ventress, however, was able to ambush and kill off all of the clone troopers, destroying their transport and Skywalker's starfighter, the Azure Angel, along w… Ventress did not falter-she landed gracefully on the other side of the room, lightsabers poised in front of her, a sly smile gracing her lips. Obi Wan is such a bitch in the( 2008) clone wars and is getting his ass beat constantly and not really defending himself at all witch is the main point of is saber style, defense. We go from the sunny forest floor, to the shadowy canopy. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Ahsoka and Anakin fight against Ventress & a giant Rancor. This week in Star Wars, we get excited for all the new Lucasfilm announces, learn more about The High Republic in the pages of Star Wars Insider #199, and accept the call to adventure with Mando in the new Hero's Journey Event in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Plus, we reminisce back to when each sequel trilogy film and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hit the big screen. Quinlan Vos nació en el planeta Kiffu en los años previos a la caída de la República Galáctica. Use promo code SOLO on checkout. Well that was still amazing. In conclusion, if y’all want some truly engaging fights and (in my opinion) a more effective bridge between Episodes II and III I fully reccomend Clone Wars 2003. Asajj Ventress nació y fue criada en el planeta Rattatak. P.s. Ventress se escondió en los bajos fondos de Coruscant después del ataque, mientras que Tano fue apresada y expulsada de la Orden Jedi . Ventress informa a Anakin de todo lo que sabe acerca de las acciones de Tano. Traición , Venganza y Respuesta [ editar ] Tiempo después, Darth Sidious creyó que Dooku estaba entrenando a Ventress para asesinarlo y le ordenó que la asesinara, y el Lord de los Sith la envió a una nueva batalla, en la que perdería y su maestro se negaría a enviar refuerzos. Se hizo de corazón frío y despiadada al aguantar las crueles dificultades que comenzaron cuando Osika Kirske asesinó a sus padres cuando era todavía una niña. What a great fight. Before using this content, please ensure that you have the freedom to do so under the laws which apply in the circumstances of your intended use. This right here? Qui… But her clan was forced to give her up, and Ventress was taken by the pirate HalSted. I completely, and wholeheartedly, agree with this. She would, as her life progressed, become the unofficial Jedi Padawan of Ky Narec, Sith Apprentice of Dooku, and after Dooku's betrayal, a bounty hunter. It begins to rain, signifying the fight has truly shifted. Only Dooku could try to oppose Sidious, but the members of his team would not be able to support him. Si el archivo ha sido modificado desde su estado original, pueden haberse perdido algunos detalles. This is still my all time favorite duel to watch across the entirety of Star Wars. The fluidity of the swings and acrobatics, the creative uses of the force and environmental tactics, the progression of the fight where you can see when Ventress no longer had the advantage, and you can tell each fighter’s individual style: Ventress as a Jar’Kai practitioner can’t put as much power into her swings as with a two-handed grip on a single blade, so she’s very nimble, agile, and fierce in her strikes. I'm also quite fond of Windu on Dantooine. Ky sensed the Force in her, and trained her as a Jedi. archivo tal como apareció en ese momento. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Darth Sidious contacts Count Dooku during the fighting to tell him that Ventress is becoming too powerful and must be destroyed. Los wikis siguientes utilizan este archivo: Este archivo contiene información adicional, probablemente añadida por la cámara digital o el escáner usado para crearlo o digitalizarlo. beep. He shows us how dangerous the Force can be. Upon HalSteds death, she was found by Jedi Knight Ky Narec. Originally born to the Nightsisters, Asajj's Dathomirian mother was forced to give her up to a Siniteen criminal named Hal'Sted to protect the clan. Ver la imagen en su resolución original ‎(1000 × 750 píxeles; tamaño de archivo: 180 kB; tipo MIME: image/jpeg). You see the heavy, over-arching swings and how he’s tanking Ventress’s force attacks and even starts redirect them at the end, except with more concussive power. Tartakovsky is truly brilliant when it comes to staging fight scenes. If Anakin starts to gain the upper hand she also uses her skills as an assassin to tactically retreat then ambush when he’s caught off guard. (I guess I’ve been spoiled by amazing animations like avatar the last Airbender and all the animated superhero cartoons I’ve seen since I was a kid). More posts from the TheJediPraxeum community. At 6:36 Anakin even attacks Ventress when she has the high ground & manages to put her on the defensive. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. How he loses his saber for half of it and we get to see Force enhanced hand to hand. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Rupture a fuel cell, try to unbalance someone’s footing, use detritus as a barrier; at the very least don’t be so reluctant to strike out against the droids, especially when you have troops giving cover fire or another Jedi to intercept blaster fire for you! And welcome to the Jedi Praxeum! Press J to jump to the feed. I mean a giant rancor using ventress for a seat cushion..lol. But again she was orphaned when her Master wa… I find it weird that Anakin had so much trouble with ventress. You see the heavy, over-arching swings and how he’s tanking Ventress’s force attacks and even starts redirect them at the end, except with more concussive power. Descubre la mejor forma de comprar online. As Anakin starts to tap more and more into his rage the environment changes. And yet, he shows us how dangerous Asajj is by having her take out the clones like nothing. added by leialutien. video. It can be achieved without the dark side but it has to be learned properly as Gillard explained with the Yogi vs force LSD example. Other posters have already mentioned how he captures the personality of the fighters in their martial style, but the environment as well. jedigal1990 and beefer like this. boop. Immediately upon arrival, Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker briefly explored his surroundings, and, after the arrival of a platoon of clones that had arrived via a CR-20 troop carrier on the orders of his Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, began to seek out his mysterious challenger. Anakin you can see him really start to move away from the blaster focused Shien of Form V and into its lightsaber focused alternative, Djem So, with his very powerful, brutal strikes. She was born on Dathomir, home of the Nightsisters -- a society of powerful female witches. Re: Windu vs Dooku & Ventress on December 9th 2020, 9:35 am @Trayus Marauder wrote: Considering his opponents as well as the overall presumed stipulations of these vs matches, there's no reason to assume that Mace will be restraining himself to tier 8 levels. If I don't reply to a comment, send me the link per message. Warning: Fast movements, may cause motion sickness to some people. Encuentra Asajj Ventress Figure - Muñecos y Figuras de Acción en MercadoLibre.com.mx! Ahsoka and Anakin vs Ventress and Rancor. Absolute genius. superfob54 Jedi Youngling. Añade una explicación corta acerca de lo que representa este archivo. This show, along with the Old Republic era, are peak Star Wars for me and made my childhood. The fight scenes are good but that’s all this show has going for it. Haz clic sobre una fecha y hora para ver el Right up there with animatic fights like Sidious vs Savage and Maul in TCW or Ahsoka vs Maul in TCW. Well, he did say 8 and 9 are a cheat (usually via dark side) so Yoda, Windu, Kenobi, and LS Anakin are the exceptions. Se convirtió en un miembro de la Orden Jedi, pasando a ser el aprendiz del Maestro Jedi Tholme. Eres simplemente odio y bilis con forma dada.» Entre y conozca nuestras increíbles ofertas y promociones. Unless Ventress can use an instant rush of Force and choke Kenobi like she did way back in CW against both him and Skywalker, she doesn't have anything in her arsenal to overcome Kenobi's defences. As Anakin slowly gives in to his darker urges to win the fight, the environment becomes darker and darker. Asajj, sola en un mundo sobre todo cruel y sangriento, pudo haber muerto de no ser por la lleg… During a space battle, Ventress is pursued by Anakin and Obi-Wan. Hal'Sted brought her to Rattatak where she was raised. It fits better but the show is mainly action with little character development. You are solely responsible for ensuring that you do not infringe someone else's legal rights. Absolutely loved it. Ventress life took many sad turns, leading her from light to dark and places in-between. The lightsaber battles are so uninteresting, boring, and choppy and the writing on that show is atrocious sometimes. You should check it out when you can. And then finally when Anakin uses the red blade. Ventress. You should check it out I loved it as a kid and I recommend it as well. Discussion in 'EU Community' started by superfob54, Apr 16, 2005. Anakin vs. Ventress. While this photograph is under a free license, re-use of this file may be subject to legal constraints, depending on jurisdiction and independent from its copyright status. who wins Sidious Sidious blitzes. The animation sound design is amazing but all it has action spectacle. Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season 3 Episode 02 ARC Troopers [1080p] Very well said! truetrue. Anakin you can see him really start to move away from the blaster focused Shien of Form V and into its lightsaber focused alternative, Djem So, with his very powerful, brutal strikes. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0 See our general disclaimer. (1000 × 750 píxeles; tamaño de archivo: 180 kB; tipo MIME: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, https://www.flickr.com/photos/26728047@N05/4878259383, https://www.flickr.com/photos/26728047@N05, Creative Commons Reconocimiento 2.0 Genérica, https://www.flickr.com/photos/popculturegeek/4878259383/, https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archivo:Asajj_Ventress_vs_Anakin_Skywalker.jpg, Este archivo está disponible bajo la licencia, {{Information |Description=Asajj Ventress vs Anakin Skywalker |Source=[http://www.flickr.com/photos/popculturegeek/4878259383/ Asajj Ventress vs Anakin Skywalker] |Date=2005-04-23 14:28 |Author=[http://www.flickr.com/photos/26728047@N05 popculturegeek.com. Dooku follows this command and orders for her to be killed. In the end it’s Anakin’s overwhelming martial might and potency with the force that decided the victor for this match, with a little help from the dark side of course. Savage and Maul, Ventress and Savage vs. Dooku, Asajj and the Nightsisters vs. Dooku, and the underrated Ahsoka vs. Anakin and Obi-Wan. The show is great! Anakin Skywalker Vs. Asajj Ventress Solo Sale! Hello! Also I’m surprised who got nine minutes of footage on here. The "Real" Clone Wars, which fits canon especially ROTS way more. Fights like these really soured my enjoyment of duels from TCW (2008), or really just any battle involving Jedi: the swings for most of the series was choppy and languid, the fights were very brief, the movements weren’t as athletic or acrobatic, and the force usage was one dimensional and infrequent; it’s not even about the power of the force but rather the lack of tactics or creativity, especially when it comes to interacting with the environment, like would it kill someone to fling a crate or some debris? 10 Anakin Skywalker Vs… She also tried to unbalance Anakin by launching projectiles at him or snapping the branches he uses as a platform which is very in line with Form VI: Niman, which Jar’Kai is considered an extension or sub-discipline of. Asajj Ventresswas aDathomirianfemale born in the waning decades of the Galactic Republicwho, as an infant, was given to Rattataki Siniteen slaver Hal'Sted by Mother Talzin in some sort of peace deal. Anakin's lightsaber whipped out, igniting, and he stretched out with one hand and used the Force to push her back and away from his son. Anakin Skywalker & Asajj Ventress (16) Anakin Skywalker & Ahsoka Tano (8) Ahsoka Tano & Asajj Ventress (5) Obi-Wan Kenobi & Asajj Ventress (4) Obi-Wan Kenobi & Ahsoka Tano (4) Padmé Amidala/Anakin Skywalker (3) Obi-Wan Kenobi & Anakin Skywalker (3) Anakin … So too deserving mention is Ahsoka vs. the Inquisitors, Grievous vs. I really loved how this series made Force sensitives powerful and make us believe these are beings with heightened reflexes and senses. Registered: Mar 22, 2005. Asajj Ventress vs Anakin Skywalker: Autor: popculturegeek.com from Los Angeles, CA, USA: This image depicts a work of costuming. Res: 3840x1080. 25% off ALL items. Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season 1 Episode 16 The Hidden Enemy [1080p] beefer Of all the deleted scenes, they should have kept this in. Aunque no había nacido en el Templo Jedi, Quinlan lo consideraba su hogar por ser el sitio en el que se había criado. ahsoka. Obi-Wan's form being capable of deflecting Anakin's strikes combined with his immense strength should be able to block and overcome anything Ventress can throw at Kenobi. To me it’s so hard to continue with and get into the clone wars (2008). At the same time, Asajj was raised by the Ventresses, a powerful native Rattataki warlord family who had most likely given her the surname.By 39 BBY, when Ventress was still a toddler, Mandalorian Meltch Krakko, who knew of her origins, … I'm a bot that helps downloading videos. Damn I had never seen this... That was awesome! It moves in doors, into literally darkness and ruins. Kit Fisto, Kanan vs. Maul, and a few others.