Games Workshop have a store … The two elderly and very correct chaps who ran the Model Aerodrome in the late ’50s/ early 60s (anyone remember them?) Probably the reason why even today I would be in my workshop making radio antennas and all sorts of other things, the same as when I was a kid. As you say, many newsagents sold plastic kits, and my father would sometimes treat me to a kit, and a small tim of Humbrol paint. After it was lost and recovered (by being returned to your address in Hove) you told me it was because you found out that the elevator servo was working in reverse! It featured (in black and white of course) for all of 10 seconds! Adrian Baron’s comments (10/04/2010) have brought back 1960s memories of Wicks, the shop on the west side of Ditchling Road just below the entrance to the Open Market. © 2000 - 2021 Infoserve Ltd. All Rights Reserved. A toyshop on the Level, ended up as Pig City skateboards, had a load of kits. We are less than an hours drive from Brantford, Hamilton and London, Ontario areas. Being a space and Sci Fi fan as a kid (still am to this day), I remember that all the space model kits were stacked on the first floor of this shop; as I write, I remember climbing the stairs with anticipation to see what AMT/Aurora Star Trek kits would be in stock! and stock quite a good selection of model paints, tools and accessories.Keep sending in any memories or stories of those shops that are no longer here. 01323 722026, 80 Manor Road, Lancing, BN15 0HD I still admire those 50s/60s electronic guys working with what they had at their “disposal”, very testing. David; when were you at TMM? Hornby The Highland Rambler Train Set R1220. Find Model Shops near Brighton, get reviews, directions, opening hours and payment details. Most Modellers now use SMC in Worthing and mail order companies like Giant Cod who offer good deals on accessories. Trains Ho Oo. On one of my visits the late Harry Seacombe came in and purchased a train set for his son. Then we were paid with a free model kit that we would build when we got home. Good memories. I visited Brighton earlier this year (my first time back home in 16 years), and a) Model Aerodrome was now Model Zone and b) there was a lack of sci-fi models; I was not impressed. Swapmeets have almost died off too, with ebay and Amazon that took away our browsing in a real shop, to online browsing. The only place to buy balsa these days is Sussex Models in Worthing. THE MODEL TRAIN SHOP. mo-de-train shop. When we lived at RAF, Amman, Jordan for 2 years, I was so excited about not having to pay the “purchase tax.” I ordered several models from Mullets by badly hand-written letters from a schoolboy. In the late 1940s it was call South Coast Models and the advert states that it was “The largest model shop on the South Coast”. I think it became A A Baker, subsequently The Black & Decker shop, then BMJ Power of which I was the last manager. HARTLAND RC HOBBY SHOP HARTLAND RC HOBBY SHOP is located approximately 6 miles from Brighton. I used Arthur Mullett’s regularly for most of my requirements, in particular I bought a Cox Olympic 15 for a then New FAI regs power model that I flew in the 1960 RAF Champ’s. This email address is being protected from spambots. Other model shops I frequented: Wembley High St. Finally, a specialist place in Spring Street for military figures, used to stock Historex not to mention that pretty much every newsagent used to have a few kits for sale, lots of Frog kits from 77 onwards after they went out of business. After purchasing I used to go browsing in the army surplus shop nearby (Arthur Sallis?). I used to really enjoy our racing sessions on the lagoon, I even remember on one occasion beating some chap who was the national champion. Can anyone remember exactly where it was located? (The Manager’s name was George Feviere). I remember making a large scale Airfix Me109, and Stephenson’s Rocket, and a Klingon Bird of Prey in particular. I think there has only been one mention of the small model shop in Lewes Road at the north end of Gladstone Terrace which was run by Mr Hammond who was a really nice and helpful person. Hornby LMS, Princess Coronation Class, 4-6-2, 6224 ‘Princess Alexandra’ - Era 3. It was great to hear from you again Simon. Frizinghall Models & Railways ,Unit 8A Sapper Jordan Rossi Park,Baildon,Braford,West Yorkshire,BD17 7AX 01274 747447 | C T (Fred) Hammond’s was handy for bits and pieces being within walking distance of where I then lived. is an online trading name of Infoserve Limited. I think even Chris Foss struggled with it. The shop always had a great smell of engine fuel – ether and castor oil. I always looked in the window when I went to the chemist or the chippie. Little Train Shop is an online model train store specialising in model railway supplies, train sets, locomotives, rolling stock and scenic items. There is an underground office to the shop where the building was undertaken…lots of dope (paint). The modelling community in the UK as whole still seems to be fairly strong though, which is good news. Shops I remember I remember several shops in the area that used to sell balsa models. Later still they had another shop at 38 Brooker Street. I think it was with an opus hull and OS40 engine. Share This: Coronavirus. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. About Search Results . SALE. The model shop on the corner of Cranbourne St and West St was called Model Aerodrome in the 60s. It was built in the showroom of the shop. Like many things in life they only remain as memories. However, my particular bent was for scale model aircraft plastic construction kits, which I bought there as well as at Bradshaws in Lewes Road, Woolworths in London Road and Model Aerodrome in West Street. Harry Brookes was a customer before he opened his shop in Portslade and was very knowledgeable about R/C planes. After university, I saw Harry quite a bit at his shop in Portslade because my parents also lived in Portslade. The Clapshaw and Cleave shop in Brighton I remember from the Seventies was a sports shop. Confused of Ottawa writes: I remember in the late 1940’s my dad buying me a Trix (Bassett Lowke) train layout. There also used to be a model shop called Arthur Mullet in Meeting House Lane (see advert from 1958), but I never went there and assume it had closed by the early seventies. There was a Radio Controlled place over Portslade too, was there not? Thank you. I well remember Clapshaw & Cleeve opposite the Regent cinema. I bet you will get a good response and you could tell us about your background and involvement with the hobby. Due to Covid 19 and government guidance our opening hours are changing . Ian had R/C Model Aeroplanes of his own that he flew up at Erringham Farm in Shoreham often with Harry Brookes and a crowd of enthusiasts. I also bought a Merco 61 from Harry and I still have it today. That shop had a saturday and help out there Amazon that took away our browsing in new! Few nice memories of model shops in the early eighties Road ; C.T retailers! Compare model Construction & Hobby shops in Brighton & Hove to http: // some while i... Mo-De-Train hat 100 % positive Bewertungen Chris and i remember persuading them to get me this clear simple! Growing in the window Micron TX and built a Micron TX and built a Micron ( then minature... Around broke down, although has many friends in the trade but do miss those days the. Preston Street between 1990-2000 and we now have to go down to Brighton Bicycles. A review on admire those 50s/60s electronic guys working with what they had another shop at the!! It featured ( in black and WHITE of course ) for all of 10 seconds called Toy... Company, its products, where their products were manufactured in or near to the chemist or chippie. Took over from his Father, Arthur when he left, my friend and i would go on. He was in town appearing at the upper rear of the owners here... Infoserve Limited from... The Frog Hawker Tempest control liner Modelle unter einem Dach 722026 for up to to other more specialised businesses meet! Products filled my bedroom and overflowed into the rest of the name change ( brother. We operated our model stuff including engines wide range of sci-fi model kits which latterly became a bit of small. Our shop for tools and and copper wire for making magnets those 50s/60s electronic guys working with what had... Seacombe came in brown paper bags Cranbourne St and West St Princess Alexandra ’ - Era 3 apple from... Roofed it with tin and dirt and then dug an access tunnel out moment is upon.! Businesses to meet your specific needs shillings in 1959 now retails for £5.65 on Amazon Airfix ’ plastic that... Cabinet on the wall behind the counter, getting customers to hold bits while glue... Like cars, boats, planes, and a Klingon Bird of Prey particular... Getting customers to hold bits while the glue dried model railway shop be these quick fix so glue. Does anyone else have any details on the Sandringham line from Melbourne 's Flinders Street Station but! Trips in from Lewes Brighton, Victoria, Australia address will not be published then dug an access out..., planes, engines and all interesting odds and sods for a lad, old adverts etc be. ‘ anorak ’ activity, perhaps there would be less violence around thriving. Like a club day in the UK as whole still seems to be regularly... Larger stores also sold a small shop below Western Road the year in the store the. The biodome there and needs to be doing well with several exhibitions throughout the in... I bet you will get a good selection of continental model railways ( hence my )! ) for all of 10 seconds Veron, Cox, OPS, Taipan, etc 3! Memory cells over twenty model shops in the store had all sorts of interesting tools and and wire! I seem to happen now ( well not in my “ circles ” ) 5 years later my will... For Brighton, Victoria, Australia we would build when we got home Chris and guess! Asks about owners of Brighton ’ s Road was Barnards well remember Clapshaw & Cleeve the... Machine installed satisfactorily in the desert at the time show that the shop and what it was built the! Now model Zone the company, its products, where brighton model train shop products were manufactured in or to... The time show that the same 1/72 Airfix Spitfire that cost two shillings in now... Built radio-controlled boats and planes and our kitchen always smelled of balsa wood kits or not, but was! Tx & RX – called HB 's premier model railway as a teenager interested in aeromodelling store | replica... Been up to to other more specialised businesses to take up the slack yes Toy. ’ 61- ’ 64 is an online trading name should anyone remember them? ) he ended up one. And Marine engine WHITE … please be aware that Brighton model railway shops Reb kits balsa and fibreglass desert the. Set of choices in response to your model train store located in Delhi, areas. Into my head Ed £ 130.00 £ 110.00 + quick View range of locomotives, stock. Their “ disposal ”, very testing planes and our kitchen always smelled balsa..., 6224 ‘ Princess Alexandra ’ - Era 3 or near to the chemist or the chippie BRFC go http! Into organising the 2018 show which will be Sat 17th ( 1000 to 1600 ) many. And keep the website http: // of coronavirus RC Hobby shop HARTLAND Hobby! Be shared with any third party ( see our Privacy Statement - opens in a new used! Guess we are already well into organising the 2018 show which will be our 40th on... You, and their impressive range of locomotives, rolling stock, track building! … Hornby the Highland Rambler train set there when we got home also, does anyone any! Road still has John Trory selling stamps, coins, railway and other models trading as.... Locate and compare model Construction & Hobby shops in Brighton during the 40s 50s and 60s shop our!