The short story & myth of Medusa is a suitable for kids and children. The myth about Medusa might represent a psychological archetype of rape victim that transforms into abuser. People traveled great distances to see her work at her loom. Even the goddess Athena had Medusa’s image on her aegis and shield (in the myth the actual decapitated head was presented to the goddess in repayment for helping Perseus). The Story of Medusa and Athena Long, long ago there lived a beautiful maiden named Medusa. However, Medusa was a victim herself, a beautiful queen cursed by Athena to become the monster we know. Read the short story and myth of Medusa and visit the Ancient world of gods & monsters. The Story of Arachne and Athena A rachne was a beautiful young woman and the most wonderful weaver. The Story of Medusa and Athena mythology literacy pack (13 pages). They could tell him the way to the island of the Gorgons, Medusa was the daughter of Phorkys and Ketos. Medusa story pdf Perseus with the head of Medusa, sculpture by Benvenuto Cellini (1545-1554). Poseidon represents a lustful man in the position of power. One requirement to be a priestess for Athena is that the young woman must be a virgin and give her life to the goddess. The priestesses who overheard Medusa gasped. Perseus bid his mother good-by and set out to search for Medusa. Each day she and Athena, and women in a patriarchal society. Her skilled fingers wove detailed multicolored tapestries and rugs. Whispers ran through all the people in the temple who quickly began to leave -- for everyone knew that Athena enjoyed watching over the people of Athens and feared what might happen if the goddess had overheard Medusa… Her face surrounded by snakes was on the shield of the Greek goddess Athena. It seems remarkable that Medusa could even protect a goddess. RL 2.2, RL 2.3, RL 3.2, RL 3.3, RL 2.9, RL 3.9, RL 4.4, W 2.2 and W 3.2. Many people know the figure of her hair, which consists of snakes. No other monster had quite such power, and thus Medusa’s legacy is a cut above the rest. Medusa’s friends grew pale. Medusa was one of the gorgons of Greek mythology. Medusa was a priestess to the goddess Athena, the virgin goddess of wisdom and battle. As he stood at a crossroad wondering which way to go, Athena and Hermes suddenly appeared. Her skill was truly a work of This is her story. Unfortunately, Medusa was very proud of her beauty and thought or spoke of little else. Zeus had sent them to help him. He went over land and over sea asking his way, but nobody could tell him where the Gorgons lived. 16 - Drafting Personal Myths 17 - Socrates, Plato and Aristotle 19 - Ancient Greece Unit Assessment 20 - End of Unit Test Corrections 15 - CW - The Story of Medusa and Athena.docx 15 - CW - Astrology Myth.docx 15 - CW - The Illiad Part 2.docx 15 - DO NOW - Medusa - Getting ready to write.docx 15 - CW - The Story of Medusa and Athena.docx Medusa and the real HAL FOSTER The myth of Medusa appears in various versions, from Hesiod and Apollodorus through Ovid and Lucan, but the basic story is clear enough. This file covers several standards for 2nd and 3rd grade. By revealing the relationship between Medusa and Athena, we discover that both men and women were at fault for the injustice and oppression that Medusa faced. Facing Medusa: Alchemical Transformation through the Power of Surrender Abstract In Greek myth, it seems a relief when the hero Perseus valiantly cuts off Medusa’s head, liberating her defenseless victims from being turned to stone. Athena, the Olympian goddess of wisdom and military victory, was the daughter of Zeus and one of the three virgin goddesses. The story and myth of Medusa features pictures from mythology and legend. ward away evil. Medusa lived in the city of Athens in Greece and although there were many pretty girls in the city, Medusa was considered the most lovely.