I know he’s not constipated, I’ve tried sticker charts, grounding,…. Then a few months later he started using the toilet again. a clean bottom). I have actually heard of parents who have made their children clean up their own mess. If it is not a "mind" thing, be strict. 7. However, many kids will still stick hands into their diapers even if they can’t fully remove it. How To Keep Toddler Occupied During Church, How To Build Toddler’s Conversational Skills. The fluid that should be getting out, instead suddenly passes through the rectum, making the children soil their pants. The best way to do that is to notice when he is close to a meltdown, and then to "love" him through it. I have a 15 year old son with mild intellectual disability who has been doing exactly as you described and nothing seems to help. Heather125. Relevance. But soon it went back to pooping in his pants. Nope. [CDATA[ Diet and exercise are very important in keeping stools soft and BMs regular. The act of withholding defecation usually forms a mass and makes the poop hard. i do not discipline him for this. // ]]> What did you do to get your child to stop this? Favourite answer. Worst case, it will help with any issues surtounding his dad. But then 2 years has passed and still he keeps pooping in his pants. If she pees/poops, then just let her sit in it until her timeout is over. You also need to follow your doctor's instructions. DO NOT DO THIS. I felt that if I put him back in a nappy permanently he would certainly be less likely to poop in the toilet and may even stop weeing in the toilet too. The best approach to a toddler who is pooping in his pants is to put him back in diapers or pull ups for a while and try again later. We actually still have the occasional accident. If this is the case you should be understanding and patient. One time he went an entire 6 months without pooping in his pants. Most common in toddlers, the problem often starts when a child has a painful bowel movement and then holds poop in to avoid another uncomfortable experience. How to stop my Father (69) from pooping himself? The first step was to buy all white underwear – seven pairs, one pair for each day of the week. EVER. In time, your toddler will gain more control and be able to make it to the bathroom in time. Inspect his work and invite him to continue wiping with fresh toilet paper as needed. He’s gone months without an accident, then we’re out and about and I have no wipes and no spare clothes. Give these suggestions a try and see if you have fewer problems with poopy pants. I also tried to figure out if it was psychological. 2 more years and it still doesn’t stop. recently my 5 year old son has starting pooping in his pants. The best approach to a toddler who is pooping in his pants is to put him back in diapers or pull ups for a while and try again later. You just long for the day that the pooping in his pants will finally stop for good. I actually thought it had stopped altogether. He has been potty trained for 3 years but is pooping in his pants at times. Your job is to help him vent any feelings of fear or anger that are causing him to act-out. I can’t believe anyone would do this to a child. Remind him of the goal, so that he continues to stay accident free. Hi Theresa, wow thats so tough for you. Finally, when I was fifteen, I could contain my desires no longer, and at last acted on my fantasy. This process is what is known as seepage. Many times. Anonymous. And my heart sank, as I realised he’d done it again. And I knew from experience that once it started, it would never be a one off, it would go on for weeks maybe months. I can’t believe anyone would do this to a child. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); //