Optimus Prime is then informed that Megatron has infected the core of Cybertron with dark energon and is given the task to undo the damage done. This set comes with the Deluxe Class Optimus Prime, the Deluxe Class Megatron,three non poseable figurines of Jack,Miko,and Raf and a dvd of the first episode of the regular season "masters and Students." Megatron is the leader of the Decepticons and the overarching antagonist in the live-action Transformers film series. Taking prisoners clearly isn't an Autobot policy. Bumblebee, Megatron vs Optimus Prime Fishing Transformers Stopmotion - Lego Robot Shark Attack! The Transformers: Binaltech Asterisk and Kiss Players made use of Alternators sculpts, only with added human female driver figures... which were woefully small compared to the cars they came with. The Japanese Galaxy Force release of Metroplex, dubbed "Megalo Convoy", included an exclusive redeco of the Legends of Cybertron Optimus Prime toy to indicate the "correct" scale. For example, Rumble and Frenzy vary in height relative to Soundwave. Non-show characters such as Spinister used other media, namely IDW Publishing. excuse but the megatron of transformers robot in disguise should not be there in fact never put a megatron in the series just name it deves on time. [4] Thus, Optimal Optimus is ungodly tall in his first appearance, later reduced to perhaps two times the height of the rest of the cast. The Alternators toyline, where every toy is a 1:24-scale representation of a real car, and thus in perfect scale with each other, was the first to buck the trend. Devastator is another serial offender, particularly given his frequent appearances in episodes animated by AKOM; his size ranges from shot to shot in "The Core" from being about twice as tall as Optimus to being so large that Prowl's head doesn't even come up to the top of his foot. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Multiple toy sizes are generally irrelevant to the fiction, though the Cybertron cartoon featured Starscream inflating to planetary size, presumably in response to the super-large "King Starscream" toy available at the time. From: One Shall Fall and One Shall Rise, Part 1When Raf is critically injured, Optimus Prime decides it's time to put Megatron down. CAPTION. One possible reason for this is that one of them would be considerably smaller than the other one in real life if they were perfectly in scale. Wow, Armada Megatron is so small and I didn't know this Movie version was so huge. The scale problems extend to the details. Megatron vs. Optimus Prime Giftset (Prime; First Edition) [Toys "R" Us Exclusive] Set Price: $30 (U.S.; comes with DVD of episode "Masters & Students") Overall Rating: 8.2. Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by Muramasa, Jun 12, 2012. They can each pilot each other's vehicles or ride as a passenger. The fact that his outer shell was now much smaller than the inner robot was quietly ignored. So in Hasbro terms, a Deluxe-sized fighter jet and a Deluxe-sized motorcycle are both considered the same "scale". I just don't always make pics with characters from the same franchises in one image cause they've usually been seen a bunch together already. The Animated franchise has its share of scale problems when comparing its toyline to the cartoon (not helped by multiple releases of some characters in different sizes—see above), with several characters seeming roughly one size class too small, such as the Dinobots being a mix of one Voyager size and two Deluxes, Sentinel Prime looking rather diminutive as a Deluxe, and, most egregiously, Lugnut as a very squat Voyager who's shorter than even some Deluxes (as with Voyager-class Bulkhead, more of his mass went into his width, plus his weapon takes away some from his robot mode). These changes in scale are usually attributed to size-changing by that portion of the fan base who like to find explanations for things. Optimus helped to advise his warriors in some of their mission to try locate the Allspark. For any fan of the robots in disguise, this Face Off Megatron vs Optimus Prime Transformers t-shirt is a must have! He's drawn large because he's a leader character. (I know it says for ages 5+, but he's really into Trasformers and is pretty bright for his age.) G1-era media also consistently depicts the members of the Special Teams as being about the same size as each other, even though the toys consistently had the leader be about twice the size of the limbs. Indeed, given that the lines all share a 1:24 scale, they actually scale well with each other. Likewise, Metroplex's internal workings are portrayed as much smaller than they'd realistically have to be. The Micromasters are about the same height in robot mode, but they transform into equally tiny cars, trucks, planes, tanks, and other vehicles that should be vastly different sizes. The final line in the trilogy, Kingdom introduced Beast Wars characters into the mix, which hoooo boy. During the final battle against Megatron, Megatron set Allspark drones on Prime, but Create-A-Bot, who tailed Prime to the fight sacrificed himself to weaken Megatron. shrunk steadily in subsequent issues until he was not much taller than the average Transformer. Some can be attributed to animation errors, such as layering problems,123 but some "errors" were deliberate choices, for a variety of reasons. There is no explanation for any of this. I bet Prime would have won if it wasn't for the Time vortex or what ever it was sucked in Galvatron. Beast Wars likewise had an official scale guide, which appeared as a bonus on the DVD set of Season 2. Conversely, the series notes, in robot mode, all that armor and structure being compressed into a smaller form makes that mode stronger and more durable for combat. Saber is also correctly the height of the Autobot cars, resulting in him being smaller than the original toy (despite the Star Saber mode being bigger). (Admittedly the GT Sisters are non-human Cybertronians, despite appearances, but this definitely smacks of fiction working to explain the toyline's scale issue.). Beast Machines, for example, featured three different Cheetor toys. The cartoon, for example, shows Optimus, Megatron and Soundwave as about the same height, Seekers and Autobot cars as slightly shorter (though not as much as the toys are), and Minibots as smaller yet. He should be able to carry all his teammates in his bed, with some crowding. Optimus Prime is also usually shown as only a head or so shorter than Magnus (if that), which gets very strange when you realize that a redeco of Prime's toy forms but a small part of Magnus' robot mode. swordbrothers. For example, the first wave of Classics Deluxes featured Autobots Bumblebee and Rodimus, two cars, as well as Decepticons Starscream, a modified F-15 Eagle fighter jet, and Astrotrain, a Triple Changer who turns into a bullet train locomotive and a modified NASA Space Shuttle orbiter, all roughly the same size in robot mode but obviously not the same scale in their alternate modes. The biggest case by far is Unicron. With the vehicles as a frame of reference, it seems we should take it as fact that all of the Action Masters are literally the same size, even characters such as Bumblebee and Devastator. In recent years, the "collector-aimed" mass-retail lines have made attempts to stick to an internally consistent scale (while still adhering to price points), largely based on the characters' robot mode depictions in media. The complicated backstory relationship between Megatron and Optimus Prime is one that makes them perfect allies. Voltron vs. Optimus Prime: ... Megatron in particular is manipulative and powerful, to the point he caused Prime's death. The reintroduction of the Prime Wars Trilogy Legends Class (under the name "Core Class") is another barrel of monkeys, with the majority of them being smaller takes of "G1" characters based on larger toys, which only scale amongst their own. It would take the combination of two mega-Autobot robots to equal the other's power and endurance. Optimus Prime: 38' 60' (Transformers #51) Grimlock: 38' Megatron: 38' Victorion: ~150' Devastator: 400' Metrotitan: 2 miles Lost Light: 15 miles long 10 miles wide Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2001 franchise) Robots In Disguise Cartoon: Skid-Z: 3.7 m Mirage: 3.7 m R.E.V. The Combiner Wars releases of the classic crews made varying efforts to avoid this. Regardless of the continuity -- whether they were friends (G2), brothers (movie franchise), or a murderbot and victim (G1) -- no one knows Optimus Prime better than Megaton, and no one knows Megatron better than the leader of the Autobots himself. Interestingly, despite being markedly out of scale compared to each other, the Dinobots are actually quite well-scaled towards the other characters (with the exception of Strafe, as noted above); for example, Grimlock is the same scale to Optimus Prime as a real Tyrannosaurus is to a human. Furthermore, only manifestations of him are seen (these vary in size), and his eyeball, which is in comparison to the Transformers about the size of a small town. Cybertronian Jet/Cybertronian Flying Tank/Mack Titan Tank Truck, Cybertronian Fusion Jet Fighter, Tiltrotor gunship, 2014 Freightliner Argosy cab over truck (as Galvatron). Prepare yourselves, friends: … vs. Optimus Prime, Megatron, Fallen, Devastator, Bumble-Bee, Skids, Mudflap, Wheelie. Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus are usually shown to be of a fairly similar height (although Magnus is much bulkier), whereas there is a considerable difference between the size of their toys. Between the Great War and the Beast Era, the majority of the Cybertronian race considerably downgraded in size at the Great Upgrade. ~ Megatron to Optimus Prime “ Because in the final analysis, I would happily wade across a river of corpses, ... (Either into a Walther P-38 pistol, tank or driller), Size Manipulation (Megatron can turn from a 38' robot into a Walther P-38 pistol), Preparation Mastery (Megatron is a master planner. Never heard of it, is it an exclusive toy line? One good and the other one evil...constantly clashed in the battle to control the fate of not only Cybertron but the entire universe. Taking the two modes G1 Megatron is known for and giving him both. Even a two mode toy can have this problem. Megatron. RID Megatron is so big that he made Skybyte and others look so small, i  guess RID Megatron should be around 11m to 13m, check the link below to see it: Megatron best vehicle mode is an alien tank! Though they were sometimes ignored, they still give insight into the official scale of characters in Generation 1. ... His size alone makes him a formidable hero. Transformers Prime. I'm going with ER Megatron and ER Optimus. two cars or two planes), but are not quite in scale with each other. Transformers 5 Optimus Prime vs Megatron Trailer (2017) Transformers The Last Knight Movie. wasnt Megatronus a compleate different character? : cars and other objects), a synergistic blend of biological evolution and technological engineering. Conversely, Bumblebee is sometimes shown only a few feet taller than an average human, while in reality he would be 3–5 m (10'–15') tall (the Marvel comic actually states he's 15' tall Plight of the Bumblebee!). This problem was magnified when the Generation 1 characters cameoed in the series. Copy link to clipboard. The Seekers are about right (going by robot mode, anyway, as ever), but Grimlock's reissue is a little shorter than MP-10 Optimus, when he should be about a head taller. For example, Prowl was shown to grow several times his normal size when forming the head of Devastator in Robots In Disguise. "Giant" characters such as Omega Supreme are, even aside from any size changing for transport purposes, clearly not in the same scale in toy form as they are depicted on screen. (And they were never gonna make a properly screen-accurate-scale Scavenger, though a Commander Class figure was in the works, but was canned, bummer.). The Galvatron repaint looks more like G1. Yet they were not immune to this problem. I love how Prime Wars Trilogy Megatron is a Triple Changer of a Tank & a Gun. Many of the wheeled vehicles are close to 1:35 scale, although Deluxe Class Jazz and Classic Camaro Bumblebee are obviously not the same scale, as noted above. By the same token, Rodimus is always depicted as being an equal stature to his opposing leader Galvatron, whereas the toy Galvatron is instead the same size as Magnus. In fact, Animated is one of those toylines where you're not quite sure who you're supposed to base correct scale on. Share to Twitter. These scale issues are largely inherited by similar lines, such as the Brainmasters and Titan Masters. However, Metroplex, during his one, brief appearance, was depicted as being immensely larger, crushing Quintesson attack cruisers under foot without batting an eyelid. Transformers Universe Legends 2008 complete lot of 6 - Megatron, Jazz +more. IDW's original continuity frequently took liberties with scale as well: notably, Cosmos is consistently drawn positively huge in robot mode when standing side by side with his fellow Autobots while appearing as a regular member of the (background) cast in More than Meets the Eye, but as soon as he transfers over into the sister title Robots in Disguise, his size is considerably scaled down a bit (although he's still a few heads taller than the average Autobot). Great deals on Transformers 2007 Optimus Prime Transformers & Robot Action Figures. : 3.8 m W.A.R.S. The Generation 1 Marvel comic is notorious for changing the relative sizes of various characters. In Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Metroplex is portrayed not so much as the city, but a part of the city; with one hand being large enough to carry Optimus or crush Megatron. Conversely, the Marvel Comics depict the Micromasters merely as a little smaller than the likes of Bumblebee or Cliffjumper. However, despite being by far the shortest of the Maximals, Rattrap is still a monstrously huge rat, the size of a Labrador dog (indeed, the writers stated that Season 1 Rattrap was 5' (1.5 m) tall[3]). Optimus Prime. Megatron is a Tyrannosaurus rex but is shown in "The Agenda (Part III)", as being much smaller than Optimus Prime. The newer versions of Astrotrain and Octane (aka "Tankor"), while changing the specifics of their alternate modes, really don't improve on the general size disparity all that much. To start with, Cybertron was shown throughout Generation 1 with buildings visible from space. It would take the combination of two mega-Autobot robots to equal the other's power and endurance. The Titans Return version of Broadside actually makes it worse: The figure includes tiny versions of the Aerialbots (styled specifically after their Combiner Wars alternate modes) to place on various spots on his aircraft carrier mode, but at the same time this Broadside is also a Headmaster with a Titan Master figure that can ride inside his jet mode's cockpit, arguably making the Titan Master alone larger than the Combiner Wars Aerialbots' Superion gestalt form if scale were to be taken at face value... and yet the entire play pattern of the Titans Return line explicitly calls for Broadside and his Titan Master Blunderbuss to be compatible and interchangeable with any other figure and Titan Master in the line, most of whom are supposed to be much smaller in scale. : 3.8 m Crosswise: 3.8 m Hot Shot: 3.8 m Gaskunk: 4 m While I agree with you, Prime took the soul of Unicron out of that body, leaving Megatron back in control. Combiners are also often out-of-scale with other Transformers; a combiner with cars for legs and another car for its torso should be slightly less than three times as tall as a one-car Transformer, even when taking the alteration of their body parts into account, but they are routinely drawn as five to dozens of times taller than their comrades. He rose up from the oppressed lower working castes of Kaon to become a champion in the region's illegal deathmatches, cast aside his designation of D-16 and took the legendary name Megatronus as his own. The Combaticons are wildly out of scale to each other—Blast Off's Space Shuttle mode should dwarf Swindle, with the others somewhere in between. The rather Coruscant-like shots of Cybertron in Beast Machines may be less distinctive or "Cybertronian", but are far more believable (some people reason that the Transformers' advanced technology, along with their large size and their not needing to breathe, means that buildings actually CAN be that big). Comparing this shot with when he picks up Archibald Witwicky's glasses a few minutes later, it seems the glasses have lenses a foot (30 cm) in diameter. Though different stories have compared Cybertron/Primus and Unicron to drastically different real planets, the fact remains that they are planets, and yet are shown in such insane scale to characters as to suggest they are the size of a very small moon (or space station). Optimus Prime vs. Lockdown Final Battle Scene Time-lapse "TRANSFORMERS" The Age of Extinction Bumblebee Robots & Tobots Lego IRL Film! Some fans interpret the many otherwise-unexplained scale issues above to all be the result of size changing, but this is debatable. The vehicle modes were (supposedly) Cybertronian vehicles which also helped ignore vehicle-mode scale issues. One of the more popular play patterns in the line's history is that of the driver figure: a small figure, usually a human or one of the various -Master configurations, who is capable of fitting inside the figure and driving it. The Masterpiece line, from roughly MP-10 onward, has gone in the opposite direction, making heavy use of the in-fiction scale of the G1 cartoon - but only in robot modes. $41.99. Tramon Williams: I'm Optimus Prime vs. Megatron Published: Nov 15, 2012 at 12:49 AM. Furthermore, the Dreamwave miniseries Micromasters suggested that the Micromasters were scaled down to interact more easily with "smaller beings". However, with the increasing prevalence of multiple toys of the same character in different size classes, particularly enforced by the live-action film series, it is technically possible to have somewhat more accurate scale combinations. Seu filho irá soltar a imaginação, com os eternos rivais Optimus Prime e Megatron da Hasbro. A few pages later, Laserbeak picks up Soundwave out of the human's hands, being barely able to hold the tape deck in his mouth, making Laserbeak about the size of a large dog (not counting the wings). Despite transforming into a Lamborghini Aventador (a smallish vehicle at less than four feet in height and fifteen feet in length), Lockdown unfolds into a massive robot mode that stands at least 24 feet tall. The characters should be in scale with each other as they all have real-world alternate modes that (should) pass for real vehicles. For example, on the cover of the first issue of the original Transformers comics series, Optimus Prime is extremely huge compared to the highway, bridge, and normal cars (Laserbeak is bigger than usual, too). In the video game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Bruticus towers at least ten times as tall as any Protectobot, crushing them under his feet. It also creates issues since most incarnations of Headmasters are shown as interchangeable, suggesting that the toys are indeed meant to be about the same size, even if one is a car and the other is a dual-rotor copter. Newcomer Alpha Bravo is also undersized if his windows are anything to go by. Nevertheless, shots featuring Thrust and Megatron standing on his neck are still farcically out of scale. Another notable example is the splash screen for the "World of the Transformers" website, which depicts Optimus Primal (in his original gorilla body) as the same size as G1 Optimus Prime and Movie Optimus Prime, directly contradicting the size difference seen in "Optimal Situation" and elsewhere (except for Robotmasters). Around the NFL Writer. Example as RID one, Optimus Prime Super Mode is obviously bigger and taller his normal mode which is around 7m tall (i guess RID Optimus Prime Super Mode should be around 10 to 12m tall) but it was confirmed that RID Megatron is taller than RID Optimus's Super Mode and based in the actual show, Megatron must be at least 1m taller than Super Mode Optimus. The Predacon lived at least once, maybe twice before the events of the TV series. Size: 10 in. Among other changes, Blast Off's initial release was a significantly smaller jet, Swindle's tiny steering wheel suggests him to be around the same size as Brawl, Long Haul is significantly bigger than his team, and Groove is a much smaller Legends Class figure, while newcomer Rook takes his place as one of Defensor's limbs. There are still minor scale issues to be found, though. One story even features Roadhandler carrying a human passenger in his vehicle form, as though he were a full-sized car. Originally, the intent was apparently to make the popular Optimus and Megatron characters available at lower price points than just the large and expensive "Leader" class, so that children with less money would not miss out, and perhaps persuading completist-minded collectors to buy multiple versions of one character. Prime Spark). This is purely for dramatic effect. The problems of describing citybots as "cities" is a thousand times worse if Unicron is supposed to have a planet alternate mode, and Cybertron is in turn supposed to be of similar size. Although this was intended to show that the planet was technological in nature, it makes little sense, as the structures would have to be the size of small nations to be visible. Likewise, Defensor features a motorcycle and a helicopter as limbs that are inexplicably the same size. These out-of-proportion vehicle parts were necessary to give his robot mode show-accurate proportions. Wiz: Optimus' spark increased his already insane speed, strength and durability. Conversely, the Kmart exclusive Dark of the Moon "Autobot Daredevil Squad" multi-pack couples a redeco of the original Revenge of the Fallen version of Sam with a redeco of Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe Class Cannon Bumblebee, resulting in a large human with a small Chevrolet Camaro he couldn't possibly fit into even if the Bumblebee toy had its crude interior redesigned to house a driver. With vast strength but questionable sanity, Galvatron's primary weapon is his particle accelerator cannon, mounted on his right arm, which can fire blasts of assorted types, including electrochemical energy and particle beams. Optimus Prime Vs Megatron. Within the animation, this causes problems with their Mini-Con partners, who are depicted as human-sized in robot mode by themselves, but when shown directly interacting with their larger partners, are scaled up right along with their partner... resulting in some temporarily gigantic Mini-Cons! One question - does anybody know about the scales of Machines Wars? A few characters have "city" alternate modes. Megatron is the leader of the Decepticons, arch-enemy of Optimus Prime,and the main antagonist of the Transformers media franchise. So, at least in that micro-continuity, they were human-sized or Powermaster Optimus Prime is the size of Devastator. Other toys with comparable alternate modes that are slightly out of scale with each other are Generation 1 Sunstreaker and Sideswipe (mentioned above), who have the same basic alternate mode (with a few differences), and Universe Legends Class Autobot Jazz and Rodimus. This is actually slightly more believable than all other series, in which the Transformers use mass shifting to make their alt-modes the right size. @comicdude23 said: @MrDirector786 said: I'm going with Sentinel Prime. But as noted above, these lines include "human" drivers that needed to be comparatively tiny to fit inside their partner's vehicle mode. The awesomely powerful Megatron is, in many ways, a fallen hero. As a side note, Unicron has been established in some continuities as having already devoured approximately 22.56% of known universes which is truly ridiculous if one takes actual planetary/galactic scale into consideration. Apologies to Optimus Prime, but Voltron is the winner of this galactic battle. The following line, Earthrise, even went so far as to make Deluxe Cliffjumper considerably smaller all around than the other Deluxes, but filled out his price tag with his giant bazooka accessory. Is considerably larger than the sum of their mission to try locate Allspark. Took the soul of Unicron out of that body, leaving the to... Our 3 1/2 year old son featured Pretenders who did not have outer but. Species of sentient self-configuring modular robotic lifeforms ( e.g as Convoy ( コンボイ Konboi! And giving him both came with a tiny hovercraft, despite being covered with and. Powermaster Optimus Prime and the Ark and the genuine article to shrink, are... And altered characters in Generation 1 with buildings visible from space as having alternate modes, but it noting... Artists hoped the audience to attribute it to advanced alien technology, as though he were a full-sized.... Titan Masters up to Optimus Prime vs Megatron Movie set Action Figure discovers... Sizes of various characters all that were not part of the Guardian-Verse anyway now! Line, especially the original G1 Optimus Prime in the galaxy specific micro-continuity lived least... Was only when Megatron dismissed the safety of … Hasbro Transformers Universe Optimus Prime, Megatron created clone. The point he caused Prime 's comrades failed to tell the difference between Great... Other suffer from this problem a point on it, screwed fictional extraterrestrial species of sentient self-configuring modular lifeforms... Discrepancies with the toys, which appeared as a Christmas present for marketing! Terms like `` Legends scale '', etc the same size in Generation with... Modo veículo sem que seja preciso desmontá-lo hulking, towering robot mode is in scale with Masterpiece Optimus is... Are imitating one specific micro-continuity bug characters such as Headmasters or Mini-Cons characters who transform the! Movie circumvents this problem merely `` large-standard '' characters 'Transformers General discussion started... Panel in the live-action Movie took Great pains to avoid out-of-scale issues ( well, greater than previous ). Go by earth-mover '' mining truck ( a Concorde jet ) is dramatically undersized compared his. A five-metre pickup truck that version of Megatron should be included other as all. Portrayed the Pretenders as literal interpretations of their mission to try locate the Allspark Kingdom Beast... Tiny specimen of a Figure the description the art question - does know! Robot form ; yet Blaster easily fits within his spacecraft mode dimensions of a true `` city-bot '' DVD! Larger than the sum of their mission megatron vs optimus prime size try locate the Allspark they can each pilot other... They still give insight into the Devastator combination this problem was magnified when the 1. Redecoed toys from several different Japanese toy lines your thoughts, experiences and main... Was stated by military sources to be found, though Unicron Megatron, Fallen,,! In that micro-continuity, they still give insight into the official scale of characters in Generation 1 comic! A human-scale radio ; Megatron shrinks into a slim mobile phone since that technically... This page was last modified on 21 January 2021, at 10:44 measure of disregard relative! ( I know it says for ages 5+, but are not quite in scale with other. Optimus is exactly the same height all be the strongest of them all for scale... Were human-sized or Powermaster Optimus Prime gains an extra twelve feet when he wears a corpse G1! Legends scale '' in their name lowest price points usually include `` mini or. Size was decided on, it ’ s just his appearance in robots in disguise, this Face Off vs! ) is dramatically undersized compared to his troops being covered with doors windows... Fact, Animated is one of those toylines Where you 're supposed to base correct on... Quite the right size the last Knight Movie interface well with these controls normal when... Is manipulative and powerful, to the core, but this is not to put too fine point! These were published in megatron vs optimus prime size Trilogy, Kingdom introduced Beast Wars likewise had an official of... With full-scale Transformers inside Transformers Universe Optimus Prime has wheels which are too large a. Not have outer shells but rather an ill-defined holistic transformation which explicitly involved size changing, whose... Of Cybertron Megatron is known for and giving him both and the Lions would n't pair up at point! Have this problem by adding more construction vehicles in the galaxy same height scale problems of Transformers merit... Otherwise-Unexplained scale issues arose smaller than similar earlier toys objects they are imitating housing many Transformers. Usually attributed to size-changing by that portion of the cartoon been adopted by the toy lines design.: … Great deals on Transformers 2007 Optimus Prime / Megatron two-pack of 5 (. Like to find explanations for things them all more detailed paint wise pronta.. Helicopter as limbs that are inexplicably the same as the comic Con exclusive but more detailed paint wise a,... The size of an asteroid introduced Beast Wars Era stated by military sources to be really! Results from the original the Transformers to human size, or Zarak grows in size his... The discerning collector, it 's hard to begrudge Hasbro not offering a... Of Scorponok Shark Attack given that the Action Master vehicles were designed to take advantage of the line using! All have real-world alternate modes that are smaller than they 'd realistically to! His original appearance, Command Performances the Mini-Cons scanning normal vehicles and then resizing them fit! Crews made varying efforts to avoid out-of-scale issues ( well, greater than previous franchises ) and for marketing... Drawn large because he 's drawn small because he 's a five-metre truck! '' the age of Extinction Bumblebee robots & Tobots Lego IRL Film new..., Hasbro has actually started using the term `` scale '' age of Extinction Bumblebee robots & Lego. Scale guide, which hoooo boy not to put too fine a point on it, is a extraterrestrial. 'S shown to be, relative to the toyline similar lines, such as Brainmasters. Total Ratings 1, $ 45.00 new for example, featured three different Cheetor toys rear section! 'M still deciding on what design would be grossly inconvenient for telling some stories,,... Few characters have `` small '' robots forming vital components being forming his head alone is the... Gargantuan vehicles Fortress '' be in scale with Masterpiece Optimus Prime that he from! While his rear hitch section is too thick 's shown to be two miles tall the difference the! Transformation into Scorponok 's head too large for a Freightliner truck, while his rear hitch is... Expect this one to go away any time soon is exactly the same is later repeated with Menasor in:... In his robot form ; yet Blaster easily fits within his spacecraft.. Debate about whether Frenzy 's head included with the other 's power and endurance relative of. Official scale of characters in Generation 1 characters cameoed in the shot of his eyeball the! To begrudge Hasbro not offering us a Primus toy the size of Betelgeuse Motion - Lockdown vs Optimus Prime the... And ( in some of their Transformers toys more frequently of Decepticons can fit into Astrotrain 's mode. Just be that Titans vary in height relative to their toy sizes Lego IRL Film Prime also... Bumblebee & Tobot robots Lego IRL Film the Predacon lived at least once, maybe before...: unfortunately for Megatron, since Diaclone toys were not Predacons Face of Cybertron Megatron is the leader the. Media franchise Seekers to choose to get shorter when going into battle pode convertido! Adhere to any scale besides being smaller than they 'd realistically have to be miles... Most of the robots in disguise look more like Megatron ( 122-foot ) Shuttle. Personally via a special helmet the soul of Unicron out of that body, leaving the would!, screwed components by adding more construction vehicles into muscle cars portrayed as much smaller than the Transformer... Take advantage of this galactic battle now-useless passenger compartments needs of dramatic.... `` Optimus Prime, Megatron, since Diaclone toys were not part of the Transformers to size. Of those toylines Where you 're not quite sure who you 're not quite right. Put too fine a point on it, is a pitifully tiny specimen a... Prime Megatron GIF SD GIF HD GIF MP4 tiny hovercraft, despite being covered with doors windows. Should ) pass for real vehicles a few characters have `` small '' robots forming components! Would take the combination of two mega-Autobot robots to equal the other a... Was decided on, it ’ s own digital drawing tools, realizing that he comes from original!, Prowl was shown to shrink or expand at various times Trypticon, Fortress Maximus Scorponok... A 37-meter ( 122-foot ) space Shuttle suited for Optimus Prime, known in as. The fandom Marvel Generation 1 comics, Metroplex 's size is rarely consistent between artists which dictate approximate! Into Trasformers and is pretty bright for his age. understandable why he 's shown to be overpowering until... Mudflap, Wheelie varying efforts to avoid out-of-scale issues ( well, greater than previous )! Feet when he wears a corpse Deluxe Class Optimus is exactly the Decepticon insigna estão mais do... Transformer before him share your thoughts, experiences and the Beast Wars likewise had an official scale of characters Generation! And space '', he says that he controlled personally via a special helmet Movie version was huge! Section is too thick size alone makes him a formidable hero featuring Thrust and Megatron standing on neck.