The paintings were created with Keen’s vibe in mind:  the great outdoors, adventure and lifestyle. Draw the full-scale picture in rice paper before entering the custom paint job. A time lapse of gloss coating a custom painted surfboard. Popular surfboard designs include sharks, mermaids, fish, people and tropical themes. Premium Art Piece Surfboard Painting Prices range from $3,900 to $20,000, depending on size & complexity. Gloss Coating the Deck of a Custom Painted Surfboard - YouTube A time lapse of gloss coating a custom painted surfboard. Depending on the design or style you want for your board, you will have to tape it off accordingly. The more lacquer, the more protection. The Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas commissioned Drew to create a story about Carlos Santa, in a painting, for an upcoming Santana Concert. Mostly a free spirited, hand painted image. Each design is one of a kind. Now screw in your fins and go for surf. Clean your surfboard. From shop SoulSurfCreations. If you can dream it chances are we can design it. A custom surfboard painting will greatly enhance the inside view of your office, den, or trade show booth. First lay the plastic/trashbag down along the part where you want covered, Second, tape down the plastic/trashbag along the edge, which will make a nice sharp line, Third, repeat for each desired area to be covered, Fourth, tape off the underside edges of the board - this requires some precision so be careful. If you're adding a painting to an old surfboard, make sure to clean it very well with naphtha and acetone, so that the old wax is completely … Want to own your own piece of Fieldey art? So it was a locally made, artist board. If no good offers I will just store this … The car has been lowered with a modified suspension for better handling and eye-grabbing 17-inch three-piece gold wheels. The Great Wave for a Wedding; Japanese writing is of bride and groom’s names and date of marraige. So you've come up with your planned pattern. For my board since I wanted the inverted triangle, I folded the plastic to make a triangle shape and taped it off. Please feel free to contact me for more info on getting custom art for your Surfboard The illustration was a mash-up of ideas from my mate. Run your fingers along each tape edge to make sure the tape is flat against the board so no paint leaks through. Choose from one of our existing designs or give us an idea for a new design for your surfboard. Depending on the design or style you want for your board, you will have to tape it off accordingly. From shop … I first tried doing one center stripe with some cheap spray paint that didn't work out very well. If you paint on an old surfboard make sure you clean it, remove all the wax and even sand it a bit with 180-220 grit sandpaper. Contact for pricing, info: 949-678-8133 or or go to . All surfboard art is 100% original and hand painted. The paint job was sprayed over the hot coat with acrylic paint. The surfboard itself is shaped by master artisans, and Drew uses only the best materials and paint for these art pieces. This 5'5 nugget of a surfboard has brought me no end of joy on smaller days. Handmade, hand painted and hand shaped. Antenna enhanced the stylish Rio 5-door’s exterior with a sunset-metallic golden-brown paint, custom body kit with a front splitter made of wood to match the surfboard on the roof, and rear fascia with center-mount exhaust. The surfboard was raffled off and a bidding war ensued! This video is about taking a new surfboard and getting it dressed up for it first surf. For mine, I wanted an inverted triangle towards the front and a straight edge towards to back. Many of the edgy paintings shown below were commissioned by the Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas, Drew’s collectors worldwide, and various well known musicians. From shop SoulSurfCreations. Drew has painted thousands of surfboards, all over the world. After the paint has dried (mine took about 18 hours) you can remove the tape and see your finished product! QR Code Link to This Post. © 2021 Drew Brophy – Surf Lifestyle Art. Time-lapse of all steps in building the surfboard can be viewed in this video A full board painting, of course, will cost in the $500 – $2,000 range. Use the wax scraper and cleaner to completely remove any wax and oils left on the board's glass. This painting depicts the Tijuana San Diego border and a young Mexican boy with a guitar on his back, peering through the border fence, with hopes and dreams. I had a Catch Surf Blank Series 8 foot log surfboard that I wanted to put some personal touch too since the board was just white and was getting dirty. Favorite Add to Surfboard wall art, hand painted, surfboard sign, beach house decor, kids room decor, surf decor, 4' wood surfboard, blue wave surfboard, chesnutdesignsonline. Surface Prep. All the paint just came flaking off and made the board look gross, worn out and old. Painting a surfboard is an expression of our coastal consciousness. He is best known for creating wild art on Surfboards, and in the 1990’s, he painted a heck of a lot of ….Lost surfboards. Fieldey can paint custom street art murals, canvasses, skateboards, surfboards and more! Looking forward to seeing it out surfing. Keen Footwear displays these two pieces of art on Riviera Standup Paddleboards in their Portland, Oregon Offices. I currently paint boards for several manufacurures including: Bob Yinger, Viking Surfbaords, Nomad Sufrshop and Z Glassing. All boards are painted on real, full sized used or new boards (provided by us or by you. Turn on captions for more detailed instructions! No board leaves our studio unless I’ve … Drew is known as the surfboard artist of the influential (Vince Neil, Kid Rock, Eddie Vedder), but his works are priced reasonably for anyone! This painting was sold by the Hard Rock Casino in their gift shop. To help prevent issues paint the hotcoat with several light coats as to not build up too much paint. Use your imagination to create your custom surfboard. After completely covering the board, check it for missed spots and let it dry! Many paints are used on surfboards, although some are not appropriate and will not stand up to heavy use. Any of our stock design s can all be easily customized as well. Website by: San Clemente Web, Beach Lifestyle Design for Brand Promotions, Apr 23, 2019 - Cool art to put on your board. We can use photos, ticket stubs, decals, or stickers that you own and would like to incorporate into a design. If you paint on a finished surfboard you have to protect your design with some sort of acrylic sealant, transparent spray, so it won’t come off. Snap a photo of your board with … Paint on the hotcoat can cause pinholes and separations in the gloss coat. (See more examples here: ). A “ partial surfboard ” painting, is available for smaller budgets (call or write for pricing of a “partial” painting). Just like in the photo, taping the edges of the underside will prevent paint from getting on the smooth bottom plastic part of the board. With today’s modern technology, we can incorporate digital images of your choice, or hand paint directly to the board.

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