However, when they arrive they learn that Dedalus has long since switched places with a decoy. There Valentin exchanged the vinyl record a gramophone was playing and instead started playing the vinyl disk "Ave Maria". Batman #666 (July 2007). The Pyg that Kubert designed was published first, but it was merely a corpse without any of the character’s signature details.). Black In a great short sequence, Cameron Chase interviews the Mortician, Black Mask, Fright, and Pyg—asking them their thoughts on Batman. He is a regular character in the Batman and Robin series. With Bruce’s son Damian Wayne by his side as the new Robin, this untested fresh Dynamic Duo takes to the streets. Professor Pyg attempts to release an addictive identity-destroying drug in the form of a … Nightwing and Shawn—who dons her Defacer gear—go after Damian in Egypt, defeating Deathwing and Hurt to rescue the Boy Wonder. Will Batman-666 get his revenge? He refrains fr… Dedalus” Netz. According to a Newsarama interview, Morrison’s inspiration to create Pyg also came from Kahimi Karie’s song about Pygmalion entitled “Pygmalism,” written by Momus. As mentioned above, Pyg first debuts in Batman #666 (by Grant Morrison, Andy Kubert, Jesse Delperdang, and Guy Major, 2007), albeit as a fresh corpse. He’s still a mad surgeon obsessed with perfection and transformation, but this version of Pyg (along with his sidekick Mr. Toad) is re-interpreted as a British eco-terrorist, who dresses in Victorian clothing. Pyg's face seems to be stretched and pulled, with obvious creases on it, and his lips seem larger than normal, giving the impression that Pyg probably mutilated himself at some point in his life as part of his obsession with "perfection". Professor Pyg: Two mother pigs lived in a pen. Joker then blows his way out of GCPD HQ with the incapacitated Robin in tow. Batman responds to the conflagration only to get into a fight with Pyg and dozens of Dollotrons. Sasha says that the people who make and trade these new drugs sent Pyg to kill her papa. Within the next decade, he went under a major facial change … This was a fun one to do. A bloody Joker tries to explain that they share the same goal of bringing down the Black Glove (Hurt’s organization, of which Pyg is a henchman) and then scratches Damian with Joker Juice hidden under his nail. Mormo, Tiamet, or the Gorgon each function as “mommies made of nails.” They’ve anti-nurtured and damaged those under their power—just like Pygmalion sculpting Galathea, Henry Higgins re-training Eliza Doolittle, Harry Harlow torturing his rhesus monkeys, Simon Hurt breaking Lazlo Valentin, and Professor Pyg creating Dollotrons. Having traced the nano-virus to the Philip Kane Memorial Projects, home to Harper and Cullen Row, Red Robin goes there to investigate. Hundreds of Pyg’s Dollotrons swarm upon Batman and Gordon while the Fiends break Pyg out of Arkham. She then decided to protect him from the dangerous criminals that ruled No Man's Land and made him wear a creepy doll-like mask similar to her own one. It’s a story not worth mentioning further, so I won’t. En tant que Professeur Pyg, il porte sa chemise noire et son nœud papillon rayé avec par dessus un tablier avec un chiffon rempli de sang et des scalpels. Pyg is shown hanging upside down on an inverted crucifix, mirroring his debut in Batman #666. Later, Pyg gets revenge for the destruction of his lab by blowing-up Rhodes’ car dealership, although Rhodes somehow miraculously survives without so much as a scratch. Joker and Pyg are both incarcerated, although only Joker knows the secret burial location of Hurt (right under everyone’s noses). Coupled with Hurt, Pyg is fully unhinged, taking PCP and ranting about the destruction of reason. Total - 9; Things That Go Boom. Batman wraps-up Pyg in a nice little package for the GCPD, but Commissioner Forbes lets Pyg go free! Pyg’s next big appearance is in the “Robin War” crossover arc, specifically in Teen Titans Vol. Interestingly enough, Rikdad details another lynchpin of Pyg’s characterization—the idea that he worships at the feet of an evil darker evil. This is a huge help and a great read thanks! An obsessive perfectionist, Pyg used identity-destroying drugs and invasive surgery on his victims to create a genderless lobotomized human known as Dollotrons. We hear a lot about Batman facing crazy villains, but we tried to make this guy seem genuinely disturbed and disconnected". Batman himself escapes from a Pyg death trap and switches to a robot mech-suit to help Gordon rescue some kids from being turned into Dollotrons. © 2009-2021 The Real Batman Chronology Project, disCONTINUITY. Hurt has the casket now, but even he can’t open it without destroying the contents. The art and colors do a wonderful job of making her jail feel disorienting. His stuff from Damian: Son of Batman and his death in Batman #666 end his tale once again, just as it did before. Joker has used his vast resources to lace the catered snacks inside Hurt’s HQ with Joker Juice. A lot of issues, which I won’t bother listing below, simply show Pyg as a background character at Arkham. Pyg needs only to trigger the virus and all the citizens of Gotham could potentially turn into stark-raving junkie madmen. The list of city stories in Batman: Arkham Knight are unlockable by solving the Riddler's Riddles throughout Gotham City (to inform you about this, see here). Producer Bryan Wynbrandt is a big fan of the character and wanted him to have a big role in the show, hence his inclusion. Pyg and his Dollotrons get involved in the Court of Owls-fueled conflict, which includes the Teen Titans, We are Robin Gang, and Brother Blood’s Church of Blood cult. Come and join us and you'll never look at the world the same way again! And shortly thereafter, Pyg shows up, along with literally every other villain in the DCU, in Forever Evil (by Geoff Johns and David Finch, 2013-2014) and its Arkham-related spinoff (by Peter Tomasi, Scot Eaton, Jaime Mendoza, et al, 2013-2014), which sees Pyg performing a number of horrible unnecessary surgeries on poor victims. RATED M FOR LANGUAGE AND PROFESSOR PYG. In the comics, Pyg sometimes injected himself with Botox and PCP. Continuing onward. Thanks for reading! Overwhelmed, an alternate-Earth Batman detonates a suicide-bomb, killing himself to take out the villains. Every time Harley Quinn helps Dr. Crane the quality of her confinement improves. Professor Pyg—arguably Batman’s strangest and creepiest rival ever created—was conjured up from the deepest darkest recesses of the ... and the Gorgon Queen—as mother figures that he aims to please in his campaign of destruction, bloodshed, and mayhem. Morrison’s main inspirations for the schizophrenic rogue came from the Cypriot/Greco-Roman myth of Pygmalion (made famous in Ovid’s Metamorphoses) and from George Bernard Shaw’s stage play Pygmalion, about the very same myth. Hopefully I’ll do more Morrison-created character histories in the near future. The Dentist's Brother - Killed in an unknown manner off-screen by Carmine Falcone several years ago, mentioned. They both disappear into thin air after stabbing each other with the “Blade of Nothing.”. For mother! When the Crime Syndicate arrives from anothe… There, Gordon sees a false image of a gun—secretly projected by Brazilian metahuman Dr. Falsario—in the perp’s hand, which he shoots at. In The Lego Batman Movie, an ad for “Lazlo’s Slaughter House” can be seen that depicts a man wearing a Pyg-like pig helmet. Daddy loves his little Pyg! Meanwhile, explosions rocks Gotham. Gordon is demoted and arrested for police negligence and manslaughter! Imagine my horror when I emerged from that dreamy soup and discovered what she'd done. Professor Pyg—arguably Batman’s strangest and creepiest rival ever created —was conjured up from the deepest darkest recesses of ... Tiamet, and the Gorgon Queen—as mother figures that he aims to please in his campaign of destruction, bloodshed, and mayhem. Eventually, Pyg conceived a son, Janosz. Of course, we can ignore this as basically being non-canon, erased from existence due to a long complicated process involving retcons, reboots, and various other later publications. Night has drawn its curtains yet again and the circus moves on, our numbers swollen, to a different patch of Earth. Unknown Man - Throat slashed with a broken record by Professor Pyg/Lazlo Valentine. He’s just a red herring. Catwoman reveals that Falcone is merely a pawn in a bigger game. At one point, Pyg turned the young son of a rich man named O'Neil into a Dollotron, and when O'Neil brought a suitcase of money to release him, Pyg refused to let the boy go, and had his Dollotrons, including O'Neil's son, capture him and prepare him for "perfection". Professor Pyg is a fictional character who appears in comic books published by DC Comics.The character was co-created by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert, first appeared as a corpse in the alternate reality story Batman #666 before being introduced as a recurring character in the mainstream DC Universe two years in Batman and Robin #1. The bullet flies through the false image and hits a station power box. And I will! Some local surveillance quotes indirectly mentioned Pyg as a "freak" who chained up dead bodies. Pyg cameos in the Batwoman arc entitled “Blood is Thick,” specifically in Batwoman Vol. Batman Eternal #10 (by Layman, Snyder, Tynion IV, Fawkes, Seeley, Riccardo Burchielli, and Dave McCaig, August 2014) begins two days after Rhodes’ car dealership was blown up. Infinite Frontier: The Physics and Metaphysics of the Omniverse and Beyond, A Brief Breakdown of the Bygone Batman of Earth-B. While Bruce enters the Batcave, Damian and Dick take on Pyg. Pyg’s Dollotron henchwomen kidnap Robin right away. Pyg appears to have a God complex, believing he has the right to create anything he wants from whatever he can get his hands on. The final “Finger” of the Black Glove slowly and painfully laughs himself to death while Batman begins firebombing the building with a Bat-helicopter. where Doc Dedalus supposedly remains imprisoned on one of the Falkland Islands). Professor Pyg’s backstory, characterization, and origin were left intact through the transition from Modern Age to New Age, following 2011’s Flashpoint series. After Batman had defeated the Dollotrons, he threw Pyg onto the surgical bed and took him down with a punch strong enough to break Pyg's pig mask and make the bed collapse in the process. was different to his current one. Hair episode “Knights of Tomorrow!,” Pyg and Eduardo Flamingo, based on the Morrison versions of the characters, make a small joint cameo. Remember Dedalus is the guy Pyg built bio-weapons for back in the day. A crazed Hurt then demands that Damian pledge his allegiance to him. As Pyg prepares to torture Gordon, Senator Vine is stricken with a fatal case of laughter. In issue #3 (Jeff King, Stephen Segovia, Jason Paz, and Peter Steigerwald, June 2015), alternate Earth versions of a couple heroes fight against a gaggle of baddies, including White Knight, The Absence, Victor Zsasz, Eduardo Flamingo, Riddler, Old King Coal, Man-Bat (Kirk Langstrom), Simon Hurt, and Pyg. The night of your creation. Pyg is blown to smithereens. At the Lockup, Pyg sickened Deacon Blackfire, Two-Face, Penguin, Azrael (if he was arrested), and Riddler, who all preferred to avoid contact with him out of sheer disgust. He was raised by his father after his mother left him when he was four. The new Dynamic Duo battles the Circus, but have very little chemistry, and the end-result is a disaster. Professor Pyg Affiliations Is it a man, is it a woman? Batman leaves Gotham to continue his investigations into Falcone/saving Gordon in Hong Kong. (Red Hood made a Dollotron his sidekick back in the day, but he never actually fought Pyg or the other Dollotrons.) At night, Mother and Orphan went to an old hotel where the duo murdered various civilians. Pyg was similar to the Dollmaker from DC Comics, where a deranged doll-maker altered kidnapped victims to make their bodies perfect. Because none of his victims were found (most likely either turned into Dollotrons and imprisoned at the Circus of Strange or disposed of as "failures"), Pyg could have easily gotten away with his actions, but his obsession caused him great frustration as he couldn't complete his work on six individuals he had kidnapped as they had tattoos, previous surgeries or other imperfections that, in his own words made him feel sick as he could do nothing to make them perfect in his mind, this caused him to string up six of his victims around Gotham, where Batman eventually found them and then him. While it certainly deserves hate, this ain’t no Batman Eternal review, so I’ll stop trashing and move on. My dear Janosz, it is time you learned the truth about your mother, your real mother. For you! He mentions being in Arkham was akin to the “rats in Rockville,” which, as Rikdad says, is likely a reference to the fictional asylum “Rockland” from Allen Ginsberg’s poem “Howl.” Day one of Hurt’s chaos ends as the Dollotrons kidnap Gordon and render Batman unconscious. Don't worry; you'll be the first one I let out. At the age of 21, after reading Arthur Miller's "The Crucible," he enrolled in acting ... 12. Professor Pyg was first introduced to readers in Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert’s Batman #666, which gave us a look into a possible future for Gotham where Damian Wayne had taken over as Batman and had his own rogues gallery of super criminals and mob bosses. During his time as ringmaster, Pyg constructed a crudely made iron maiden with a female mannequin head attached to it, and called it his "mother of nails" as a macabre tribute to his mother. After he took up the deranged persona of Professor … Physical Description If you can improve it further, please do so. They each had four piglets, and that made ten. Truly one of the most insane and demented foes batman's ever faced. And last and by no means least, be stunned and horrified by the combustible wonder that is Phosphorus Rex! Dwight Schultz In Batman #666, Michael Lane, former substitute Batman and former Azrael, returns to Gotham obsessed with destroying Damian at the behest of his master, Simon Hurt. He was created by Grant Morrison and first appeared in a cameo in Batman #666 (July 2007). Game Information But he wound up getting transformed himself by Spyral and Hurt. She wants more, always more, never satisfied, always driving me to work harder, to obtain perfection! Mother would have killed you both had I not stopped her, saved you from her rage. Bruce has literally just arrived directly from the final page of Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #6. She was a beauty, Janosz. The circus has traveled far and we have brought joy to many sad people. Dressed in his old substitute Batman costume, Lane kills five of the top Gotham mob bosses, including Pyg. Bruce Wayne! Today in this video we take a look at just who is the Batman villain known as Professor Pyg. Pyg and his animal-human hybrid monsters known as “Farm Hands” then attack Falcone head on, capturing him and prepping him for unnecessary surgery. Professor Pyg proclaims the "Year of the Pig", and he and his Circus of Strange appear in Gotham City as part of the plan by Simon Hurt. The animated Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, released in 2018, features Pyg in his animated feature film debut, voiced by the amazing James Urbaniak. Naturally, Damian becomes Batman for the first time ever—the 666 version of the character from Batman #666 (the very comic that originally debuted Pyg). Your email address will not be published. Unnamed Man's Mother - Killed in an unknown manner by her unnamed son off-screen, mentioned. Pyg wonders that if he is insane, according to Batman, then what is a man dressing up like a bat considered to be? Similar to an asylum, time is not relevant or relative. Joker sings and dances in celebration all over Wayne Cemetery until Bruce punches his lights out. Pyg is seen in Arkham Asylum trying to fight Batman and Nightwing in order to escape. Contents. Lazlo Valentin is a serial killer who operated in the south of America 10 years prior to the series, except that his M.O. Professor Pyg casting picks by MikeSeravello-233-985397 | created - 01 Jun 2018 | updated - 05 Mar 2019 | Public Sort by: View: 14 names ... a painter and decorator. 6' 1" 2 #14 (by Scott Lobdell, Joe Bennett, Sean Parsons, Veronica Gandini, and Blond, November 2017) and Batgirl & The Birds of Prey #15, entitled “Manslaughter” (by Julie Benson, Shawna Benson, Roge Antonio, and Marcelo Maiolo, December 2017). Pyg also mentions his “despair pit” in the comics. Or could it be Pyg, Grady, and Falsario acting as a singular unit? Eventually, we come full circle on the Pyg oroboros for the Modern Age. As a big fan of Pyg’s character its been a struggle to find all the odd books to put it all together. Pyg's insanity is, in terms of severity, close to that, if not on par with, that of the. Pyg also appears in the Beware the Batman spin-off comic book, which is based on the show. As the media and police surround Falcone’s HQ, Batman swoops in via Batplane, takes down Pyg and his Farm Hands, and rescues Catwoman. I had to end it, Janosz! However, his parents' constant belittling of him and how he wasn't 'perfect' enough to please them affected him into adulthood until he finally snapped completely, becoming a psychotic freak that in terms of insanity was on a whole different level than the rest of Gotham's criminal element in general (most of whom were not of sound mind either). What about the mysterious arrival of Jason Bard? Seeing everything as something that he could make better, Pyg believed that the only path to perfection was removing anything unique or special about an individual, including their sex and DNA, and transforming them into his creations called the Dollotrons whom were immune to pain, which … At night, when their mothers curled up in a heap, they squealed and they squealed until they went to … Like in most of his incarnations, Batman has a reputation of being a grim, and dark vigilante. After Pyg goes down, Hurt trades up Shawn for the Boy Wonder, kidnapping the latter. Of course, Morrison’s other diabolical creation, Dr. Simon Hurt, was at the center of this origin story, manipulating and guiding Valentin through his descent into madness. The climax of the show is when I take them to see mother! In the cartoon series Batman: The Brave and the Bold (This is one of the rare times a Dollotron fights off Pyg’s influence.) Those that Pyg could not "fix" were simply killed and thrown out like trash. Thanks for reading about the life and times of Professor Pyg! This ties into the idea of mothering or nurturing those in one’s care, but doing so in a negative way. On cue, Hurt slips on Joker’s banana peel and breaks his neck! A great setup for a weekly series, no? As we will see, Pyg’s New 52 life is pretty much all Arkham-related, for the most part. Who, pray tell, is Deathwing? Who is respsonsbile for the chaos? Lazlo Valentin was obsessed with making himself and people \"perfect\" after he was berated by his parents that he wasn't \"perfect\" or \"wasn't good enough\" to please them. We next see Pyg in Batman & Robin #13-15, entitled “BATMAN & ROBIN MUST DIE!” (Grant Morrison, Frazer Irving, and Alex Sinclair, August 2010-November 2010). We also learn that Pyg has become one of Gotham’s top mob bosses during this time period, so it’s possible that Damian beats him up a few times for good measure—albeit off-panel. Secret places in forgotten parts of town, ugly wastelands where the locals stumble unawares into our candy-stripe tent. In video games, Pyg appears in the extremely popular Batman: Arkham Knight. He's sicker than me and Harley's honeymoon tapes. For Pyg, his history and future in the Rebirth Era pretty much reflect what they were in the Modern Age and the New 52. Like Pyg, Falcone is also nothing more than a red herring. All the piglets loved to play, and they rolled and they rolled in the mud all day. They join us now like a big family, growing week by week! Unlike other villains who could potentially be rehabilitated (albeit with great difficulty), Pyg's insanity appears to be far worse than that of the other villains Batman has fought and as such, there does not appear to be any particular hope of him regaining his sanity. Biographical Information Batman eventually saves Damian, stops the Dollotrons from releasing a narcotic flu virus across the city, and apprehends Pyg. All Rights Reserved. The character was co-created by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert, and first appeared as a corpse in the alternate reality story Batman #666 (July 2007) before being introduced as a … Across town, Damian defuses the nuclear bomb in the Bat-Bunker. Hurt then plugs a .32 caliber pellet in the back of Dick’s skull designed to cause permanent neurological damage within twelve hours if not treated. Black Canary’s popular band plays a terrible private gig for a grossly wealthy teenage girl, who turns out to be a Falcone. The end result of this macabre process were a form of organic robots with doll masks grafted onto their faces, their genitals presumably removed, made unable to think or feel in any way. See more ideas about professor pyg, batman, professor. Batman took Pyg to the GCPD Lockup, stating that hanging up his failed dollotrons like hunting trophies is what got him caught (as the remaining unique features lead Batman to figuring out who they were and where they went missing). Professor Pyg and Mr Toad and up to their old tricks, trapping Simon Stagg and Michael Holt in an abandoned building. For fans of Once & Future and Undiscovered Country comes an all-new original series from #1 New York Times best-selling author Tom Taylor (DCeased) and artist Daniele di Nicuolo (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) about seven powerful secrets-words, wonders, weapons, and worse-with the power to change the world.. Hurt welcomes Bruce by turning loose the 99 Fiends on him. Circus BossSerial Killer Pyg seems to think his mother is still watching him, and going to yell at him for not being good enough; this hallucination may be what partially drives his insanity.

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