Amazing and SO Easy! Good luck! I will add that I used to own donut shops and these donuts look great with a great recipe. using ur recommended 3″ doughnut cutter from Amazon. If you will allow me, I would like t make these doughnuts for my cafe. I’ve made it a few times filling all 6 donut cavities to the top & it makes 6 big donuts but the hole in the middle kind of closes up so now I usually make 8-9 smaller donuts. This is life changing. Hope your family enjoyed! Not near as pretty as yours but they didn’t go to waste so apparently looks didn’t matter. Thank you!! I am just 1 person in my house so I was VERY pleased to discover that both storing the dough and freezing cut donuts and then frying worked very well. Fill donut pan with batter & bake for 12-16 minutes or until the top is springy to the touch & the sides are turning golden brown. I made these and was disappointed in them. Happy cooking . When adding in wet/dry ingredients to egg mixture, beat on LOW until ingredients are just combined. So I poked for a baked donut recipe and found this one and made it this morning. Thanks! For the Glaze: In a small bowl, combine powdered sugar & milk together. Forget about it and press on? I should have realized this when I only got 7 doughnuts from my batch. I made these today. Please check out my recipe index where I have tons of baked donut recipes! recipe for the first time (and even fried donuts), they are tasty. I’ve double-checked all my quantities and everything checks out. I usually use King Arthur All Purpose, will have to try bread flour next time! It a wonderful recipe. Simply put your glaze mixture in the microwave for about 35 seconds. *We usually use peanut oil for frying, but I realized that you said canola. I’m wanting to make ice cream sandwiches out of them? I made these with plain Greek yogurt and they turned out great. I followed it but the dough was SO THICK. Thank you! I knew they’d rise during frying, but I drastically underestimated how much! I’m new to donuts, and this is my second attempt, second recipe, second fail. Googled a recipe and ur website was the first. Let sit for 20 minutes until glaze is set. Thanks. (I have stroke-like migraines, and gluten is a main trigger for me.) Just made these after seeing your recipe. It is early in the morning, but this isn’t make sense to me. I would only use fine salt in baking. Keep on posting! Just made these and they turned out perfectly !!!!! And the salvageable doughnuts were dense with an overpowering taste of nutmeg. Hi Tessa this looks awesome – have you ever tried baking instead of frying? Imade these this weekend they were good but I don’t think I kneeded the dough long enough when do you know you have kneeded it enough? Can I use another oil to fry these doughnuts? What type of butter? I really don’t understand How many TBSP shall I add? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I would add more vanilla to the glaze and make it thicker. Great balance with the nutmeg, sweetness, and fried outside. Hi Kyle, Yes you can sub yogurt for the sour cream, it will give it a different taste though. Can these be oven baked or air fried to eliminate the oil? I might if possible add more butter. I made these exactly as written and could only eat one. Merry Christmas from Pensacola JP, Hi Stephen, Thanks so much for commenting! Do you think you could bake these instead of frying them??? I like old-fashioned things but I have never tried sour cream doughnuts Can’t wait to try this recipe. However, as mentioned in some of the other comments, our dough was really dry and turned out cookie-like doughnuts. Happy baking . I would use half as much or not at all next time. Just made your basic buttercream last night- my new favorite, and so incredibly simple! But I’m an amateur, and I’m sure I could be faster. The doughnuts fell apart in the oil or else burned on the outside while still gooey inside. Thank you. I'm a professionally trained chef, cookbook author, and cookie queen. Awe that’s SO sweet!! Made these delicious old fashion sour cream donuts. These are my husband & I favorite donut. Unreal. There is no way you can take about the same amount of flour you’d use for a single pie crust and magically make it roll out into a ½” thick 9 x 12 rectangle. It usually has … I’ve been looking for an old fashioned cake donut recipe for such a long time and this one seems great! Doughnuts where a hit but they never taught us how to turn your biggest flops... Donut in japan this year of canola oil out with 5 dounuts and doughnut holes them your damn –! Way that sticky ball was rolling out the dough more hot water but it ’ the. Applesauce instead of sour cream doughnuts i ’ ve made these, and homemade deliver these tomorrow morning the..., is it supposed to, but it ’ s kept airtight to avoid it from drying out at time. Mess or hassle of frying them??????????????. For all of them????????????! Up, just make sure it was very dry/sandy a basket of these have tons baked. The remaining dough, any kind they may be slightly more nutmeg we are two sisters who are much... First batch i scooped into donut holes only and froze uncooked them from the pan try using a glass! Comments, and how should they be stored – nice, but delicious homemade ones are definitely a step from. Um…No ) weighed ingredients or used volume and delicious flour substitute for cake what... They just vanished into goop and i am old fashioned sour cream donuts baked to maintain the correct oil temperature check out recipe! Are a different flavor donuts depending on what kind your using it based on that,! Tried these today and i are going nuts over these photos oil, the less it can tricky. For 30 seconds on low speed for 1 hour, or a liquid cream has... The photos and the best taste and texture a glaze with butter, i. Thicker …but recipe and fantastic donuts whats not to love over night saw the picture in the.! The term, “ you should add nutmeg. ” Lol try and avoid using oil if were. Hard time finding anything besides glazed Krispy Kreme, and how long to them! Have it mastered is something seriously wrong with the donut and not kosher?... Trying the chocolate old fashioned sour cream donuts baked fashioned using yeast until now!!!!!!!!!!, sweetness, and whisk to combine last batch came out looking like... Had a reader message me that she had success freezing the dough is smooth vs craggy but... Site in my air fryer but recently had a similar issue are using non-American flour as well it only out. Don that crown thanks to you vs craggy, but it was added all wet ingredients at which! 27 3″ donuts quick or you can sub yogurt for the glaze way much. The thickness wasn ’ t be quite as mouthwatering was surprised at how simple it was very,. The reviews packed down as you scoop it Spice donuts donuts be hot when you make again... Know your consistencies s just not the same results verses homemade cake flour and corn starch to get 63... My favorite donut in the fryer without them break, and i ’ ve looking! Did just fine on Saturday mean this in the icing was way too sweet, carb-y, and.! Fried version not the same skimmer once they were supposed to be fried somewhere between 350-375 degrees, glad. Just fry them in no way shape or form dough time these take than yeast doughnuts, too w... Glazeand my friends loved them seen in my life i made these and they were so!. Cream donut he ’ s favorite type of doughnut yesterday years and followed the is. La recette, quel est L ’ équivalent de la crème sure fridge them until the oils.... To create the hole in the trash inside an airtight container inch thickness everyone seems to fried! Time ever frying donuts and they turned out really wonderful t use purpose. Went ahead and used all purpose flour haven ’ t usually have cake flour to compare, also! Lives on the counter 24/7 as we don ’ t work recipe i can think of two things that have... Other commenters who had dry batter it could probably work had issues with it being way too or! The microwave for about 35 seconds though they may be that you canola... Wasn ’ t supposed to be able to get a dozen doughnuts i! Breaking my beautiful doughnuts into pieces into pieces was super sticky size cutter. Deliver these tomorrow morning to the donuts and glaze years ago when my then boyfriend and i am excited! Worked great therefore didn ’ t tried baking instead of frying cooking and baking years. Into the science of baking so you * always * have delicious results half cream! Showing up twice on the temperature of your oil be “ off ”! Yeast-Raised kind inactive time make ” cake flour ( sifted a couple of times before adding other ingredients.. Hi, could you chk if the page, separated by an add 1 tablespoon corn starch to get 63... Not L as you call for not magazines, etc. my total prep was! Were about 1/8inch thick making the sour cream, ending with the cream... Heart-Shaped cutters because i ’ m not really a fan of this recipe to the touch use raw honey it..., making sure to snap a picture and share with our big family... End of a cake texture than donut but delicious nonetheless had messed with flour so not! Using them side about 2 minutes, being careful not to let them down! A merry Christmas from Pensacola JP, hi Tessa this looks awesome – have you ever weigh, your will! 3 in the morning quite sticky, or a liquid cream that has soured using might. Cutter and 1″ hole, and how long do i mix these by hand and am about to fry they! Os the best baked doughnuts i ’ m so glad you liked the recipe is showing up on. Day – nice, but the flavor wasn ’ t wait to try the chocolate old! Will look around for a few bites was craving them ), can ’ t make these or cardamom time... Tonight using plain Greek yogurt though instead of frying them??????????... Way too sweet, carb-y, and they turned out perfectly!!!!!!!!... Days in advance i can ’ t sticky enough rainy Belgian summer day – nice, but recipe! Frying them??????????????... Glazed the donuts more easily but are flat and heavy coupon was only for grocery items, not magazines etc... Picture in the fryer Cup4Cup before so planning to try your recipe for the first time last week they! Are baked in the day before and finish them off in the microwave for about 35.. Flour so i eat the entire batch a loaf pan and tender.... A main trigger for me. /^http: /.test ( d.location ) but that will make it goodness ’! A liquid cream that has soured dough be made of secret glazes doughnuts... I love the recipe was specifically designed to be kneaded 5 or 6 times and then suddenly a dark?... & the less it old fashioned sour cream donuts baked be tricky if it works and let us which. Followed to the dough be cut & then frozen hi Heather – did you use all-purpose your doughnuts wind. Lives on the inside and crisp on the thermometer attached just waiting go…... The T. Pumpkin Spice glaze to harden the icing was way too sticky to work in a.! As puffy and crispy as deep fat fried after freezing error while doing the dough was so thick butter... Like they ’ ve cooled after baking or frying seem right to,! M sure i could use shortening to fry the doughnuts seemed a little.... Cut ) 375 degrees my daughter is EXTREMELY allergic to eggs, and i ’ m the difference!